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No affiliations

I am not a member of any organization, political party, or religious order. I do not wish to be one because I do not wish to be tied down by organizational compulsions. I am a writer, not an activist, and I would want to remain that way. I do not wish to attend any public meeting of any kind. I have no political aspiration of any kind whatsoever.

A Hindoo, who was misled by MK Gandhi's Sarvadharm' Samabhaav' 

I was born as a Hindu, I am a Hindu, and I wish to die as a Hindu. I found my Isht'Dev Shri SiddhiVinaayak Gan’Pati wherever I went - be it a temple, a mosque, a church, or a synagogue. I went inside a Mosque in Shaarjaah with my Pakistani driver Malik and prayed there sitting by the side of him. In the house of Tanzaanian_Omaani Hamoud Hamdoun bin Muhammad, I had my meals from the same huge plate, as Muslims traditionally do, practically as one of the members of his family. I shared his grief visiting mosque with him after the death of one of his close relative. I had been present at a mass held at a Catholic Church in Mumbai. I heard the sermon given at a Protestant Church in Canada. I visited Jewish Synagogue and Paarsi Temple in Mumbai. I attended meditation at Buddhist temple in Canada.

I did so being a Hindu who believes: (1) God is One (2) people perceive Him differently (3) every one is free to follow his/her chosen path. Make believe world of Religious Equality A Hindu does not think in terms of “my God is the only true God and all other gods are false gods” like a Jew, a Christian or a Muslim thinks. Disregard where I lived, be it Hindu BhaaratVarsh or Muslim Middle East or Muslim Far East or Christian West, I looked at all religions equally. I never felt any difference between a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian when I hired throughout my career Hindus, Muslims and Christians. It was purely a question of who appeared to be the best suited for the job on hand. I was not yet organized to think in terms of religious divides because I was ignorant of religious teachings of different religions.

Then Naaraayani Ma Bhavataarini brought me face to face with naked truth

I had lived in a make believe world of religious equality. I had not yet learned the bitter truth because I had not yet felt the need to study different religions myself. I had remained happy simply   believing those who taught or preached or wrote that all religions are equal and they all teach love and peace! I did not know that they did so out of their profound ignorance about other religions or to protect their own vested interests. Face to face with Reality Much later in life I sat down to study the teachings of different religions and I discovered how well those teachings reflected in the thought process and real life conducts of their followers. To my dismay I uncovered how each religion shaped the history and the current events. I noticed a direct correlation between the religion, history and current events. The message was loud and clear: we can ignore these findings only to our detriment. Now I simply share my new found understanding with those who care.


High School with two Distinctions and State Merit Scholarship; University Graduate with Sixth Rank; Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Computer Systems Analysis Diploma;


Worked in Senior Management positions in different Organizations handling a variety of functions, viz., Cost & Management Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Materials Management, Sales Administration, Project Management, Information Technology Quality Assurance;

Exposure to diverse types of industries, to name a few, Manufacturing industry (Pharmaceutical, Consumer Products, Agricultural Pesticides; Computer Software industry (CAD/CAM Engineering Applications and Environmental Management Information System); other industries (Forestry, Industrial Agriculture, Horticulture, Dairy Husbandry Operations);

Exposure to diverse types of organizations, namely, multinational company, overseas Government business undertaking, family-owned business, and a few start-up ventures;

Worked with various nationalities from different continents (a) Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Omani, Bahraini, Israeli, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Indonesian, Filipino (b) Tanzanian, Nigerian, Kenyan, Sudanese (c) French, Dutch, British, German (d) New Zealander (e) Canadian, American;

The keyword has been ‘variety’ and, in retrospect, it appears as if there had been a tremendous hurry to gather as much experience as possible, and within as little time as possible;

Subject of Who's Who in the World at an early age

At age 35, subject of biographical record in Who’s Who in the World Ed 1987/1988, published by The Marquis Who’s Who Publication Board (since 1898), Chicago, USA;

Elsewhere if you find any mention of 34 (instead of 35) then please do not think of it as an inaccuracy - 34 is counted with reference to when selection was made; the gap relates to selection and publication (in print) of referred voluminous edition.

Drawn towards spiritual domain

At age 46, had very deep Spiritual experiences; at 48 gave up work for living; at 50, began writing as an offering to Ma Bhavataarini and Shree Naaraayan’ …

Demise of Personal Ambitions

By the Grace of my Aaraadhya Shri Naaraayan my personal ambitions and worldly desires have been fulfilled and I do not seek any thing in return for my time and labor, not even recognition. For this reason, I wish to stay aloof and stay focused at my work alone.

For whom my works are

My work is meant only for those people who understand its value. For other people it is simply garbage. I have no desire to waste my time and energy debating with such people and convince them. Not many people will appreciate the significance of my works until the water reaches up to the neck and the threat of drowning becomes imminent. Nevertheless, my work has to go on with total dedication by surrendering the outcome of my efforts to the sole discretion of my Aaraadhya Shri Naaraayan.

Birth details

Born 25 January 1952, at Bankura, West Bengal. According to natal chart:
(Hindoo lunar system) Nakshatr' Poorv'Aashaadh'; Lagn Simh', Varn' Kshatriya, Raashi Dhanu;
(Western Solar system) Zodiac Aquarius, Ascendant Leo;

Westerners do not have any concept of Nakshatr' and many of our English educated Hindoos tend to think Nakshatr' is same as Star which it is not. They also do not have any concept of Varn' because they targeted Hindoo wisdom with Christian ignorance. If you are truly interested in learning something that you do not understand about it, one place is to read my works (ex: They Impeached Humanity, or These documented results of 4-Varn' system can make you proud of your Hindoo heritage). 

Family background

 I was born in a family which has had spiritual tradition and higher learning for several generations. My father was a gold-medalist engineer. Grandfather was a physician. Great-grandfather was an educationist and writer. Great-great-grandfather had become a Yogi after renouncing his business. My maternal Grandfather was an eminent surgeon. I was born, as per tradition, in the house of my maternal Grandfather in Bankura, West Bengal. I come from a Hindu Bengali family. I have been an ardent devotee of RaamKrishno ParomHanso Deb (Sri RaamKrishn ParamHans Dev) at one time.   

Vijaya Dashami 24 Oct 2012 A.M. 06:14

Yashodharma / Maanoj Rakhit

Yashodharma is not an adopted name or pen name or pseudo name. It is my childhood name, given to me by my grandfather Dr. P.C. Rakhit. Yashodharma is childhood name; Maanoj Rakhit is current official name;

Yashodharman or Yashodharma?

Once I asked a learned Aachaarya of Sanskrit (who speaks with his wife only in Sanskrit) as to:

What he implied was Raja is the noun while Rajan is the address. In other words, when you address a king (Raja) you address him as Rajan!

Yashodharm or Yashodharma?

In Sanskrit, यशोधर्मा is correct, not यशोधर्म and, therefore, it needs to be spelt as Yashodharma with 'a' at the end:


Any error of factual nature in my works is not intentional and will stand to correction.

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