Muslims in India

Sun, 18 Nov 2012, 03:11 +05:30

Few months ago, Aamir Khan amassed vast popularity among Indian populace through his TV production Satyamev' Jayate

One of his episodes covered a Muslim boy marrying (?) or loving a Hindu girl and what happened to him or probably them...

However, he was clever enough (or, should I say, shrewd enough) to suppress the opposite types of cases where Hindoo boy falls in love with or attempts to marry a Muslim girl...

He was also cunning enough to avoid any mention of ongoing criminal "Love Jihad" by paid Muslim youth of would be impossible to believe that he knew nothing about it...and even if he knew not about it, I made a point to tell him through Satyamev' Jayate web-form that if he is honest enough he ought to cover Love Jihad too, which obviously he ignored though he did respond to some other compliments

Behind his honest mask, he hides a very shrewd don't get carried away by his well planned PR work

In light of this, I have to add the following episodes as for now —

Keywords: Aamir Khan, Hindoo, Hindu Voice, Muslim, Satyamev' Jayate,

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