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This was written years ago when I began to use this word frequently in my books
by application of deductive logic it may have been written during late 2003 to early 2004

When I speak of Christian world, I have a particular concept in my mind. Today when American politicians refer to India they do not hesitate to call it Hindoo India. The world today, by and large, perceives India as Hindoo nation as it perceives Pakistan or Saudi Arabia a Muslim nation. Their perception does not take into account Indian government’s claim that it is a secular nation, which is fine. [we won't argue here whether Hindoo interests receive any priority or not in governmental decisions to justify it being called a Hindoo nation]

In the eyes of the Western world there are two kinds of countries. One, Hindoo India. Two, all Muslim nations. Rest of the countries are not identified with a religion. For example, world does not perceive Britain as Christian Britain, or America as Christian America. Similarly, they do not perceive Christian Australia or Christian New Zealand. Thus, rest of the countries are not associated with a religion in particular. Why? Do these countries have no dominant religion? Yes, they do have. But we are quite oblivious of it. Let us take the example of America.

Population 84% Christians. Army 98% Christians. President Bush starts the day with Christian Bible. Attorney General Ashcroft holds Christian Bible classes in his office. Certain American State laws require a Hindoo to pay fine US $ 100 per day if he or she flies Hindoo religious flag on American soil. Yet, somehow an image has been built as if it is secular America, at least, in the minds of we Christianized Hindoos. [all details in Christianity in a different Light Vol. I]

So we return to our base question, why is it that the countries (other than Hindoo and Muslim countries) are not associated with a religion, though they are not secular? My answer is, they all perceive that this is a Christian world; so, there is simply no need to identify Christian nations as Christian countries; it is but natural that they are Christian countries. What is needed is to identify those nations which are not Christian; then only those countries can remain in the focus. This focus is needed because sooner or later these nations need to be turned into Christian countries. Sounds absurd as a theory? Fine, let it sound absurd, but please do not discard it. Hang along and join me in this journey to learn more. I shall present facts and figures with references. Many a revelations may be an eye-opener. Finally, you will come to realize that knowledge is your strength, and ignorance has been your curse.  

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