English Press — Face behind the Mask — Case Study 1

11 July 2006

Read, for example, Hindustan Times, Mumbai edition of 11 July 2006 and 10 July 2006 for comparison in the way they present news material to manipulate public impressions; and, as the time goes I shall demonstrate by different examples that this is not an one-time event, but it happens to be a consistent practice with self-proclaimed Secularist media.

an Analysis of behavior pattern of the English Press - Teacher convicted for student's rape

On page 7 (11 July) at the bottom of the page, there is news item. The header read as "Teacher convicted for student's rape". Many readers do not bother to read the details. They form an impression in their mind by looking at the header and proceed with other items. The reason: time is a scarce commodity for people in rat race of metros like Mumbai.

However, if you happen to read the details, you learn the following:

  • The rapist used to teach the girl at the premises of a Mosque at Dharavi

  • His name was Zulfikar Shaikh (age 25) (he was a Muslim)

  • The girl was a minor (studying in the third standard)

Points to note:

  • The news item header did not draw the attention of the readers that the rapist was a Muslim and that the rapist was a teacher in a Mosque (nor there was any photo with the news item showing a Muslim or a Mosque)

In comparison to that:

Think about it:

Desecration of MaSaheb Minatai's Statue at Shivaji Park Mumbai and other issues

Now look at the same newspaper HT of the same day 11-7-2006:

Minatai's Statue at Shivaji Park was desecrated. Mud has been put on her face. Minatai was like mother to all Shiv Sainiks. They went on rampage. Got the shutters down for shops. Crowds gathered. Noise and bit of confusion. Some odd places they put torch to empty buses, not many. TV channels called it shameful. Hindustan Times was very vocal.

And what was the line of reasoning based on which such impression was built:

So, what is their modus operandi:

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