English Press — Face behind the Mask — Case Study 2

11 July 2006

Ref: Hindustan Times, Mumbai, 7 July 2006, front page

The entire breadth (from left to right) of the newspaper front page top covered one photograph - burka clad Muslim women looking at the bodies of two Muslim men who died in police firing.

On HT Metro page (page 3) at the top there is a 8"x5" photograph covered thousands of Muslim men surrounding the coffins of 2 Muslim men who died in police firing.

Two-third of the whole page was covered with the story.

Interesting Contradiction

Somewhere in small print I had read that two policemen were killed by the Muslim mob and their bodies were mutilated.

And why did they do so? Those two police men were slain and mutilated by Muslims after two Muslim men died in police firing.

And, why did they die in police firing? They died because Muslims did not want Police to build police station on the land that belonged to the Government.

Let us examine how English media values the lives of our Police men and their grieving Families:

However, slain police men's photographs did not find place in the newspaper.

Perhaps the newspaper space was too valuable to be used for policemen slain by Muslims.

More significantly, the wives and children of those slain policemen also did not find any place in the Hindustan (or, Muslimstan) Times.

Few questions came to my mind:

There was ample place for so many burka-clad Muslim women some of whom may not have been related to the two Muslim men killed in police firing but being Muslim they found place at the top front page

There was no space whatsoever for those for the wife and children of two slain policemen whose bodies were also mutilated

So, in the eyes of self-proclaimed secular journalists, there was no value for the lives of policemen and the grief of their family members

This happens to be the character of our English media newspapers

Published at my blog on 11 July 2006. Related items:

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