Face Behind the Mask

2011 Dec 21, 16:47 +05:30

We, the Hindoos in India and abroad, have been made to learn, and come to believe, that Christianity happens to be a religion of Love, Peace and Service to Humanity; and aberrations to that belief system, if any, represented exception, not rule.

I, too, believed in it for fifty years of my life. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, whom we call a महात्मा Mahaatma, in other words a great soul, coined the term सर्व धर्म समभाव Sarv' Dharm' Samabhaav', which has been understood differently by different people. Some thought it meant that we should maintain same outlook and/or same feeling towards all religions. Some perceived it differently to mean that all religions have the same belief system, and thereby, they all happen to be equal.

Gandhi propagate his hypothesis so aggressively that people after him took the cue and kept spreading it far and wide among Hindoos all over the world, and some even expanded on it by adding their own belief system that further supported the concept of Sarv' Dharm' Samabhaav', which was highly flawed from its very inception. To improvise on Gandhi's unfounded hypothesis, some later day intellectuals and preachers added, in support, the concept of वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम Vasudhaiv' Kutumbakam' by misinterpreting it to mean just the opposite of what it truly conveyed. Others even ascribed its origin to Hindoo Vedic philosophy without even caring to find out what its true origin was. Put together, all this intellect combine, inflicted immense harm to Hindoo psyche making it almost impotent.

Gandhi enjoyed tremendous influence over Hindoo psyche, and Hindoos readily accepted his unfounded hypothesis as a theory of substance, while Muslims and Christians and Jews ignored it without commenting, and that kept the Hindoos under mistaken impression that other religions too support the same belief system and/or do not disagree with it.


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