Logic does not travel to those unknown lands, where our knowledge has not traversed yet!©

© Maanoj Rakhit / Yashodharma

This was written for Christianity in a Different Light: Face behind the Mask published in March 2004

Is it not interesting that BhagavadGeeta took me to the birthplace of Inquisitions, a word that I hadn't read or even heard before? But with an overdose of scientific temper today, you would merrily brand it as a mere coincidence!

Professor D Meo first contacted me. There was no medium (in form a human being) known to both of us, who could have introduced us, or referred one to the other. The inspiration that worked behind Prof Meo’s desire to locate me (while we two lived thousands of miles apart from each other) is not identifiable in human terms. Slowly, we got acquainted and later, I exchanged my work on BhagavadGeeta, and that brought me an invitation to visit Italy.

Was it a mere coincidence that something like श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता BhagavadGeeta (which is perceived by handful few knowledgeable Europeans as a Divine Poem and, which is known by we Hindus as predominantly a spiritual work), and a chance acquaintance based on this premise, was to bring me face to face with the hidden reality of an Aasuric religion like Christianity, which I had all along perceived as a religion of service to humanity?

Is it not something that we cannot explain logically and therefore, we would find it easier to brush it off as a coincidence? As if, every thing in this creation must stand to the benchmarking of limited human logic (of which we humans are so very proud of) in these modern times of modern science!

How can we humans (who think that we have advanced so very substantially over our predecessors) admit the limitations of human logical faculties? How can we admit that our logical faculties have developed so little that it can at best penetrate very short distances in this ever-expanding limitless creation by the Creator?

I would not want to throw up a debate at this point to be questioned by those champions of human logic that my chance visit to Italy was not a part of a divine game plan that can unfold itself only in course of time (which their limited human logic will not be able to define at this point of time). Remember these words whatever happens under the heavens has a purpose behind it, which may be invisible to the limited human perceptive abilities, at the point of time it does happen.

Logic is based on knowledge. We can apply our logic only to such matters that we have knowledge of. Admit it or not, it is a fact that we do not have adequate knowledge of this vast limitless creation, and its method of functioning.

Logic does not travel to those unknown lands, where our knowledge has not traversed yet!

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