Man Mohan Singh's Red Salute to Left

Saturday, 12 June 2004, 11:19 AM

When traitors are saluted as patriots

Singh’s red salute to ‘patriotic’ Left parties

May 21, 2004 Prime Minister designate Man Mohan Singh said

“Our friends in the Left have a different perception of past economic policies but they are also great patriots and that patriotism and burning desire to make this century the Indian century is something I see common to all Indians.” The Free Press Journal, p 2
“Emphasizing that the mandate for strong, stable and secular government would keep allies and Left Parties “united.” Singh said every one of them was waging a “relentless war” against “poverty, ignorance, and disease.” The Free Press Journal, p 2

What we need to examine here

How great patriots Communist Party had been? Which kind of ignorance that they are all waging a relentless war against — ignorance of history amongst present generations? What is the credibility of Man Mohan Singh who salutes them? This last item, the credibility of Man Mohan Singh, I shall leave you to judge.
For this, we need to examine the history:

P C Joshi, who was then the Secretary of the (Communist) party was first to approach the then Home Minister Reginald Maxwell offering him his party’s services to betray Congress volunteers. Joshi gave a promise to Maxwell that he will form pro-government (meaning pro-British) guerilla camps in Punjab to fight the Congress. Indeed, he even went to the extent of submitting to the British government a 120-page report, typed in single space, on the splendid work that his party was doing to disrupt the 1942 movement in province after province, and now it was braving nationalist opposition.” M V Kamath, HVN May 25, 2004

P C Joshi, Communist Party Secretary submitted a 120-page report to Home Minister Reginald Maxwell claiming that they were doing a better job than the British in obstructing the Quit India Movement, and Communists emphatically claimed that they had divided the nationalists. As you will progress through this work, you will see that they have been doing the same thing today, that is, to curtail nationalist feelings amongst Bhaaratiyas. Why am I telling you all this? You need to understand that history should never be ignored. The seed of present lies in the past. You must first know the past to understand the present better.

“The 120-page report of Joshi on the good work by the CPI to finish off Quit India movement could not have been improved by any other collaborator of the British or by any quisling. Joshi was so anxious to prove the CPI’s bona fides and its utility to the British that he claimed that it was doing a better job of stemming the Quit India Movement of denouncing Subhas Bose and leaders of the underground like Jai Prakash, Ram Manohar Lohia, Achyllrao Patwardhan than the government themselves. Joshi argued that communists were more vigilant in tracking down ‘saboteurs’ than the police and CID. Communists emphatically claimed that they had successfully divided the nationalists and Joshi grandiloquently described Communists as martyrs who were assaulted and vilified by the Congress.” K K Chaudhri quoted by M V Kamath, HVN May 25, 2004

Communists voluntarily went about obstructing Quit India Movement without British seeking their help in it. You have read the stories of Jai Chand and Meer Jaffar. Does it ring the bell? Do you notice any similarity in the actions of the Communists?

“It should be emphasized that the British did not entice the Communists into betraying the Quit India Movement. In fact the Communists went about systematically and persistently brandishing their usefulness to the government”. K K Chaudhri quoted by M V Kamath, HVN May 25, 2004 

Communists openly supported the Partition of BhaaratVarsh. They claimed that the demand for Pakistan was just and democratic because Hindus would oppress Muslims in future:

“Thanks to the Communists Party of India several hundred Congress volunteers, were betrayed to the police; the volunteers were subsequently arrested, jailed, tortured, resulting in some deaths. P.C. Joshi considered it his bounden duty and right to attack the policy and activities of Subhas Chandra Bose and Socialists as being treacherous and unpatriotic; even worse, the Communists openly supported the Partition of India. The Communists proclaimed that India was not one nation but ‘a collection of several separate nationalities’ and that ‘the demand for Pakistan is a just and democratic one because Hindus would oppress them in future’.” M V Kamath, HVN May 25, 2004

What would happen when you salute traitors as patriots?

What happens when you respect such people who are not worthy of respect? By respecting them, you gradually turn like them. Never worship false gods.

Communists know this pretty well that the day a nation turns economically strong and self-reliant, Communists will be the first one to be kicked out.

Communists live on poor peoples’ misery. They show dreams to poor that all will be equal when Communists rule. But it never happens. Those who truly believe in this ideology remain poor. Smart ones become rich holding the carrot in front of the poor. When they govern a state they do not try to make it economically strong. They keep it poor deliberately so they can continue to reign. However, they are clever enough to give people lollypops. For instance, people from Kolkata say things are cheaper there. No doubt, but how? Are they cheap because supplies exceed demand by raising productivity? Or, are they cheap because the state administration keeps the prices artificially low? Public is happy because things are cheap. They do not need to know how the prices are kept artificially low?

When someday we read newspaper headlines that the state government is unable to pay salaries to its staff because Central Bank (RBI) refuses overdraft to the state government, does the bell ring? Do we realize that these artificially maintained low prices, unsupported by raised productivity, has made the state exchequer bankrupt?

Communism swallows the very system it proposes to build

Communism has a great quality: that it simply swallows in time the very system it proposes to build. It is a self-destroying system and with that it destroys everything else that became part of it. Though it claims to be above all religions, it is the worst religion of its type that current breed of humanity has ever seen. It simply teaches its people to shut their minds and listen only to what they got to say, and believe in it religiously. 

Further reading: Judaism Christianity Islam Communism Hindooism (2004) by Maanoj Rakhit

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