My name is Khan

written sometime during first quarter of 2013 while working on RKM book as a footnote/endnote 
but later removed considering not related 'directly' to the main theme of the book 

Shah Rukh Khan recites a verse in Arabic and translates it in Hindi. Many of you may have seen it. And millions others who had seen it would have believed their hero.

My Name is Khan acted by Shah Rukh and directed by Karan Johar, both Muslim. It was the highest-value buy-over for any Indian film (INR 100 Crore) and the sixth highest grossing Bollywood film with a worldwide gross of INR 200 crore (2010).

It must be obvious that it was Hindoo majority that contributed to this success. Naturally, many Hindoos admired that film and were impressed by that Arabic verse as to how Islam teaches its followers to be merciful to all.

Those very Hindoos would have also been impressed by that hurricane hit Wilhelmina (Georgia) scene in which Muslims went in groups to rescue Christian men, women, children trapped in a Church as no Christian turned up for help in Christian dominated USA nor did US Govt. cared to help its own citizens.

We would urge those Hindoo admirers to ask themselves


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