On Age of Raamaayan', Ten heads of Raavan', and educated Blockheads

18 Sep 2011 — the following passages were written in response to the letter received from one of my patrons 
these are being placed under this section as the contents are likely to be of interest to other readers as well

Dear Shri V Pendharkar,

A Scientific study for the Astronomical Proof of Mahabharata

Dhanyavaad for a printed a copy of Ramesh Panchwagh's book A Scientific study for the Astronomical Proof of Mahabharata. I have known about MahaaBhaarat's Historicity for long as I had mentioned of those dates in my 2004 published work Gita Today referring to combined findings of Late Dr BV Raman, renowned astrologer and Late Cyril Fagan, renowned astronomer as documented in BVR's Notable Horoscopes. Nevertheless, this gift from you is of great value because it deals with the subject in much greater depth.

Your question: "About Shree RAM : Was Ram really Born?"

You have asked for my views on the note that is going round the Internet under title:

"About Shree RAM : Was Ram really Born?"

Yes, Shri Raam' was born and there is ample physical evidence available today. Astronomical evidence of Shri Raam's existence is available in Raamaayan' itself. Physical evidence of Raam'Setu is undeniable. Shri Lanka Govt.'s Archaeological department's evidences and Tourism departments promotions have not been challenged by anyone, as yet, to my knowledge. Route through which Shri Raam' travelled to Lanka, as documented in Vaalmeeki Raamaayan', is identifiable till date. However, त्रिशंकु Trishankus would want to lend a deaf ear towards those facts.

A Trishanku, product of modern education system—developed by the Christian World—in itself, is a cluster of Trishankus

  • Hindu products of Modern Education System have greater faith in anti-Hindu Christian propaganda.
    • Being Trishankus they are always confused. Through six generations, they have been trained to believe little in their own heritage.
    • Six generations of Brainwash has been sufficient to alter their genetic structure that govern their thought process and belief system.
  • They love to see the Stamp of Science everywhere. Modern science must approve something to be True. Whatever modern science knows not is taken to be granted as False.
    • Interestingly, habitats of the Christian World are themselves a hotchpotch, a cluster of Trishankus.
  • Christianity that remained enemy of modern science. Modern science that evolved from the Christian World.
    • Caught between two warring factions, they have been a confused lot all through.

Was Shri Raam' was born 7,500 years ago?

This Modern Education System also produces Astronomical Wizards-cum-Computer Wizards, one of whom sent me a paper couple of years ago, claiming to establish that Shri Raam' was born about 7500 years ago, so to say, only 2500 years before MahaaBhaarat'. Such self-styled wizards fail on two counts: (a) common-sense, (b) understanding of tools deployed.

Common-Sense that has become so very rare among educated brass

Today is the age of quick-fixes. Everyone looks for quick benefits. So, when one finds that similar astronomical configuration existed within the zodiac (understanding the zodiac) he stops his search there and begins publicizing it as if he had found a treasure least realizing that his common-sense failed him:

  • Was the foundation of legendary Raam'Raajya so very shaky that within next 2500 years another demolition and reconstruction with a new foundation became necessary?

Poor understanding of scientific tools deployed

Perhaps, they do not realize that similar configuration within the Zodiac would have existed not once but several times, and if their computer software was designed to go that far, such instances would have easily surfaced. Determining which one of the several occurrences in the remote past was attributable to Shri Raam's birth would further require -

  • Much deeper analytical ability;
  • Greater understanding of Raamaayan' and other Puraans, related threads among them to be identified, correlated, and analyzed;
  • Deeper understanding (not mere knowledge that can easily be showed-off while remaining UN-assimilated) of astrology;
  • Greater understanding of JyotirVidya and astronomy both (in this context those who tend to perceive JyotirVidya as fortune-telling astrology are ignorant souls);
  • Better understanding of computing fundamentals and limitations (today people speak of Experts which truly means those who glitter but have no substance of gold). 

Why their Common-Sense fails them?

  • More you get educated and more you rise up the ladder, more you tend to shed-off your common-sense behind
    • Your ability to carry the load is limited and therefore, you tend to shed-off the load of common-sense and merrily chose to carry-on with the over-burden of so-called modern education because it gives you money and recognition
    • As everyone in the fraternity belongs to this specie, they all tend to scratch each other back and flourish
  • Finally, common-sense remains the domain of common-man, not of those who have graduated above

Those who suspect Raavan' could not have had 10 heads ?

 five headed snake 1 five headed snake 2 five headed snake 3

  • Those who suspect the likelihood of Raavan' having 10 heads in TretaYug' do not try to question present day evidence of a pig having born with 2 heads (The Times of India, 8 Mar 2007, page 21) and a snake having born with 5 heads (Bangalore Cantonment area).
  • Raavan' was far more accomplished individual in comparison to current day pig and snake, so why those skeptics doubt 10 heads of Raavan'?

On hypothesis "10 heads were symbolic" real meaning "Raavan' could think of 10 things at the same time" 

  • How low has become the self-esteem of these modern educated brass:
    • They must find some explanation out of magician's hat that would be perceived as logical;
    • For, they cannot bear the stigma of being superstitious by accepting what Raamaayan' states as true;
    • They have come to accept that Raamaayan' was a product of fertile imagination.
  •  They tend to show their allegiance toward Logic but, at the same time, want to lend a blind eye towards any counter-logic like the case of double-headed pig or 5-headed snake
  • Most of them are at pains to see their own inability to convince their youngsters who are getting more and more Christianized with every new generation:
    • They feel at their heart love for Hinduism but fail to realize what, in effect, they are doing by inventing such hypothetical explanations;
    • They are indirectly reinforcing the premise that Raamaayan' is not Hindu History but a story woven around symbols;
    • They remove each piece of solid stone with which the building was once erected, and replace it with a weaker brick that they themselves made;
    •  One by one, they replace each solid stone while replacing it with a weaker brick and tell others "look, what a great job I have done!" 
    • Thus, they help not their new generation but mislead them farther down the lane.

Products of Modern Education System who place excessive reliance on Logic fail to realize what I have been saying for years


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