Why Religion, History, Politics and Psychology are inseparable disciplines of study to me

Monday, 25 June 2007

As I see it, history is collective record of past human actions.
How do these actions originate? ... They are triggered by mind.
What regulates the mind? ... Thoughts and emotions!
How thoughts and emotions are shaped? ... Through education!
Which part of education influences human mind most? ... Religious education!
I have demonstrated through my work Christianity in a different Light as to how religion has continuously shaped history of the Christian-World and how it is still shaping the current events of that part of the world.
Therefore, to me history and religion are inseparable disciplines of study.


While discussing history and related current events you may find me delving into politics at times.
This is because history and politics are inseparable disciplines of study to me.
If history is the record of past events, the key to those events may at times be found in the contemporary politics.
Let me explain this a bit differently.
History records the actions taken by those who govern nations.
The policies they adopt shape the lives of millions.
Such policies become the subject matter of politics.
Therefore, history (actions) cannot be separated from politics (policies).
For the same reason, history cannot be fully interpreted without diving into the politics which shaped that history.
Hence, you will find me digging into both from time to time.


Monday, 12 Dec 2011, 01:22 AM

Similarly, while discussing history, politics, education and religion you will find me digging deep into human psychology.

This is because human psychology cannot be ignored if one wants to make an in-depth analysis of religion and education system, as well as, their far-reaching impact on human mind that eventually get translated into policies (politics) and actions (history).

Human thoughts, emotions and conducts are complex issues and their inter-relationship with psychology, religion, education can show great amount of inter-dependency.


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