Crossing the Sea in Christian-British Days, and thereafter

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Top ranking people of organizations travel past the sea and mix with Aasuric cultures. Rare few come out unscathed and stand up to fight for their mother religion. The rest get corrupted in thoughts and expression and lose the sensibilities of life. The following write-ups by Prof GC Asnani only vouch for few of such instances but there are numerous I could count if I had time unlimited.

No wonder our predecessors forbade crossing the sea. They had foreseen the harm it would bring upon the Hindoo society, its culture and its thought process.

But so-called modern educated brass who became supposedly learned frowned upon this dictum. They did so because they had myopic view of things to happen and inability to analyze what had happened. These were the people who had been trained to have little respect for their ancestors. Though they might criticize the likes of Jawaharlal Nehru—the extreme examples of such cases—but they themselves were very much on the same path, having travelled relatively to a lesser degree.

While rank and files of Ramakrishna Mission remained devout Hindoo and practiced with zeal every possible Hindoo ritual and took pride in being so, you would notice those who travelled beyond the Sea and mixed with Aasuric counterparts behaved very differently. Same had been case with many white skin infiltrators within Ramakrishna Mission who brought with them their "childhood onwards Christian mental makeup" and attempted to redefine many things within the Ramakrishna Mission. I have personally known a few in the higher ranks of this kind though outwardly they enjoyed the respect from The Hindoos that they were otherwise entitled to by very virtue of the position they held.

It is not expected of a common Hindoos to look beyond the smoke screen and unearth the truth; and therefore, they cannot be blamed for holding due respect for such high rankers whose thought processes get corrupted in company of those coming from Aasuric background.

Terrible Confusion in Hindoo Mind - Prof. GC Asnani - 16 June 2005 - PDF
Terrible Confusion in Hindoo Mind - Prof. GC Asnani - 16 June 2005 - EMAIL

RKM & Hinduism - Prof. GC Asnani EMAIL 7 Aug 2010 with attachments
RKM & Hinduism - Prof. GC Asnani EMAIL 7 Aug 2010 - Attachment Subrkm dt. 7th Aug 2010
RKM & Hinduism - Prof. GC Asnani EMAIL 7 Aug 2010 - Attachment Supreme Court Judgment of 1995 pp.1-34

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Here is a step-by-step guide that shows how you can go to Supreme Court Website and locate any relevant judgment:

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This can also give you a clue as to how one needs to go about locating the judgments related to Arya Samaj, Jain Samaj, Swaminarayan Temples, etc., who also filed similar petitions but root cause as shown in respective petitions were probably different.

However, there is a significant difference between Ramakrishna Mission and Arya Samaj though both wanted to be called non-Hindoo, much the same way as RSS once wanted to drop the much-maligned "Hindu" word from its Constitution while Janata Party Government was in power but the meeting at which that decision was to be taken had to be cancelled as Janata Party Government toppled and immediate political priorities of those who had vested interest in it suddenly changed. It was Atal Behari Bajpai who was instrumental to that act and he had exerted his influence on contemporary Sar'Sangh'Chaalak to go with this move to drop Hindu word from RSS constitution. There are many such skeletons that can be unearthed by sincere and truth-seeking research students if they want to look at Indian history in correct perspective. Lot many ignoble acts by plenty of celebrities can throw out lot of mud into their faces; among such celebrities Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was perhaps the most ETHICALLY corrupt example whom we mistakenly glorify as Father of the Nation resulting in such ETHICALLY corrupt Children of the Nation as we witness today.

Ramakrishna Mission vs. Arya Samaj

Returning to the fundamental difference between Ramakrishna Mission and Arya Samaj the following distinctions must not be lost sight of -


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