'Hindi is our Raashtr'Bhaasha' is one of the biggest lies ever told in post-British India
this brief article analyzes the motive behind this deception

2012: The following set of thoughts were written as part of early versions of my book on RKM but later removed from that book, 
as the topic was considered not directly related with RKM issue for which the book was written

"Indian Constitution has made Hindi as our National Language, and therefore, every Indian must learn Hindi at school" is an often heard statement from Hindi speaking people. 

Gujarat High Court has examined the Constitution and given its verdict that India has no National Language. 

That has not deterred those characters from continuing to propagate the big lie. British had a vested interest in installing English. Hindi speaking States are nurturing the same vested interest while attempting to replace English with Hindi and to do so they are lying in the name of Constitution of India.

Handful Hindi-speaking States are trying to dump Hindi on other States, under the pretext of Indian Constitution, as English was enforced on us by the British.

Remember that no pseudo-National language can ever replace the importance of mother tongue in one's life with regard to his/her overall development. 

What Christian-British did by promoting English, Hindi speaking people wanted to achieve that using vote-bank muscle power! 

The difference between the two was: British did it by their right as the rulers of the nation; Hindi-speakers did it by resorting to a big lie under the pretext of our Constitution. They were least of Hindoo in their heart because Hindooism draws its strength from Truth; they were more Islamized / Christianized because these two religions are founded on premise of big lies.

Gujarat High Court gave its verdict that India has no National Language as per our Constitution as reported in the Times of India and Deccan Herald on 25 Jan 2010, copies of which can be found at my website.

These people, however, haven't stopped yet propagating the big lie that Hindi is Raashtr'Bhaasha and it has the right to impose itself on every national of India. 

Islam ruled over our bodies with sword. Christianity ruled over our bodies with guns, and on our minds with English. The days of swords and guns have gone, and therefore, today they want to rule our minds with Hindi. 

Instead of elevating the status of Hindi by strengthening its literature, they want to rely on cheap cinema, and TV soap opera for Hindi's popularity, and take the well-known shortcut "if you repeat a lie thousand times it begins to sound like truth". So, they want to repeat the lie millions of times so that it becomes "The Truth". 

Ever since Christian Missionary Education has set its foot on our soil, lying seems to have become a national virtue.

I myself speak and write in chaste Hindi and have been contributing to Hindi literature for years but I cannot accept deception in the name of Constitution.

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