Why Hindoo Raashtr'? 

Rationale behind paramount need for Hindoo 'Raashtr'

8 Oct 2010
World Population by Religion as of year 2000


Christian nations dominate the world today with USA being in the lead. Some fifty plus Muslim nations can be spotted on the world map today. But you won't be able to spot a single Hindu nation on this earth today.

Hinduism has survived Christian and Muslim aggression that successfully wiped out most ancient religions of the world. India is the birth place of Hinduism and yet it is not a Hindu Nation.

On the contrary, Hinduism has been suppressed, ridiculed, victimized and cornered in every possible way by those who ruled India after the Christian-British left. 

Bhaarat Mata KillersPseudo-Secular Indian Government–and its administrative wing–the Bureaucracy, Pseudo-Secular Judiciary and Pseudo-Secular Press have been actively engaged in victimizing the Hindus, suppressing Hindu interest while providing unwarranted thrust to Muslim and Christian interest. While Muslim interest are supported openly, Christian interests are pushed up discretely.

Most states of the North-East have become Christian states and one by one they are putting up their claim to separate themselves from India, with Nagaland in the lead. Our media keeps this information carefully under wraps because most major news agencies are predominantly funded by overseas Christian Churches and Christian organizations including some Christian nations.

Christianization of so-called Secular India did not stop with North-East. It has spread its wings everywhere by now. Creation of Jhaar'Khand was predicted by Niyogi Commission way back in 1956. Kerala and Karnataka, Andhra and Tamil Nadu, and so many other states have been pushing further Christian interest quite aggressively. The latest is about the Sikhs–which was unthinkable earlier–Christianization among Sikhs of Punjab has already begun a couple of years ago.

Everyone knows about Kashmir problem but most may not be aware of the gravity as our Pseudo-Secular Media takes every care to underplay the issue. After all their policy makers have to justify their loyalty towards those individuals, organizations and governments from Arab countries who keep their pockets warm through hawaala and keep their souls happy through other means. Media has sold its soul like politicians, with only difference that it effectively uses all its might to point finger towards politicians all the time, so that common man remains quite oblivious of what the media/press is doing behind the scene.

Islamization of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, etc. are no more a subject of news. It has been there, and thriving. Islam had been pursuing it interests in Kerala quite aggressively for some time. Marad beach case has been in the news for some time couple of years ago. West Bengal is relatively new entrant and also the adjoining Assam, and these two states have become very vulnerable. Active presence and aggressive expansion of Islam in these two states is a matter of grave concern and a pointer toward compromise with security of India.  

Governments in democratic setup are manned by politicians. And politicians are on sale everywhere including US Politicians, Canadian Politicians, and British Politicians. Bureaucracy happens to be subservient to politicians who rule the country. Judiciary is expected to be independent of the two but there have been ample evidence that challenge this notion. The Press is either bought over, if small, or become king makers if excessively powerful. And, I have said, nothing corrupts like power does to a person or entity.

In this jungle of predators, the peace loving Hindu has been gradually reduced to a true minority in respect of all most everything except population, which too is dwindling.

The rationale behind paramount need for Hindoo Raashtr'

Are the Hindus a small little minority in today's world? No, if we were to go by the population statistics. We have reproduced a pie chart that shows world population by religion. And as we see Hinduism happened to be the third biggest religion in the world. In comparison to that Jews can be said to be a true minority with 0.2% (significantly less than one percent) of world population and yet they are proud to say that, yes, we too have our own Jewish nation Israel. But the Hindus with 13.4% population, that is 67 times Jewish population, have not a single Hindu nation on this earth today!

those who ruled India after : their motives have been discussed in my 2009 publication Muslim India will be like This : Emerging Face of Islamic India 
Nagaland : Please refer to my 2005 publication Christianity Vol. II 
Jhaar'Khand : Please refer to my 2003 publication Arise Arjun : Awaken my Hindu Nation
Islamization : Please refer to my 2005 publication (updated 2009 edition) Muslim India will be like This : Emerging Face of Islamic India
US Politicians : Please refer to attached publications (a) Bush Enron Oil Deal (b) Bush's Enron Lies (c) Bush's Enron Problem (2002)
Canadian Politicians : Please refer to attached publication Mulroney Airbus Scandal (1995)
British Politicians : Please refer to attached publication Tony Blair Election Funding Scandal (2006)
Ample evidence : Please refer to my 2003 publication Ayodhya Shri Raam Mandir : Facts that did not reach you all
The Press :  Please refer to my 2004 publications (a) Christianity in a different Light: Face behind the Mask (b) Do your History textbooks tell you these Facts?
Predator has been defined as "somebody who plunders or destroys: a person, group, company, or state that steals from others or destroys others for gain" - please refer to Glossary
Pie Chart : http://www.religioustolerance.org/worldrel.htm
BhaaratMata Killers : Image from Late A. Ghosh Web Site

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