06 - Judaism Christianity Islam Secularism Hinduism (17-11-2004)

Accessing Threats to Humanity from Abrahamic Religions and their offshoots

Subject categories: 
(1) Comparative Religion (Abrahamic regions vis-a-vis non-Abrahamic religions)
(2) Atheism, Marxism, Communism, and Socialism
(3) Hindooism, internal and external threat to Hindooism, and misguided Hindoo religious leadership
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Book Reviews

During past ten years that I have been writing books, I have never approached any one (individual or organization) to review my works.
Those who voluntarily sent their letters of appreciation or communicated it over phone, I have simply placed their feelings on record.
Among them, many words of appreciations received over phone have remained unrecorded.
Hari Krishna Nigam [66], Senior Columnist, and Senior Human Resource Corporate Executive (Retd.), Mumbai, phone March 2005

This work is like 'Gaagar mein Saagar' (ocean within a pitcher)!

Ramachandran, T N, Dr [71], Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, letter 28-11-2004 - Dr T N Ramachandran himself is a distinguished scholar of repute

Your works are well-indited. They merit no mean accolade. My scholar-friends tell me that your service to the Sanatana Dharma is truly meritorious

Devadas, Narendra [58], Engineer & Artist, California, USA, phone Dec 2004

Dynamic, up-to-date, generates the needed impact, excellent writing, so very clear. It is the kind of writing I had been looking for[1]

Ramasubramaniam, K, Prof., IIT Bombay, Email December 2004

Ideas are forcefully conveyed, which is perhaps in the need of the time

Saraswati, Devananda, Swami [70+], Tiruvannmalai, Tamil Nadu, letter 29-10-04 

I am sure that you will get a large and dedicated readership. I repeat, I appreciate the work you are doing for Dharma very much, and pray that Sri Devi continues to bless you[2]

Prabhakar, K [62], Chartered Accountant, Chennai, letter 29-11-2004

Today I feel blessed with your booklet on Judaism, Christianity, etc. because it was my long cherished dream to bring out such important issues for the welfare of humanity. I hope your well calculated move will remove the cultivated ignorance of some of our Hindu religious leaders and many elite intellectuals. But your books have to be translated into other local languages and taken to the rural areas[4]

Gupta, Alok, Senior Corporate Executive, New Delhi, Email Dec. 2004

You are doing a wonderful work for the cause of Hinduism

Vohra, R D, Bhopal, postcard 20 May 2005

I certainly do believe that by writing the above book you have done tremendous service to the Hindu society and it shall remain indebted. Once again I express my gratitude for this work

Saraswati, Satyananda, Swami, Chinmaya Mission, Trivandrum, Email 19 Dec 05

Hari Om! I am in receipt of your book 'Judaism Christianity, Islam Secularism Hinduism'. I wish you all success. With love & Om!

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All those people whose comments have been produced above - they all have come in contact with me through my writings. 
They were not known to me and they were not offering their praise to please me in any way. 
It hadn’t been possible to keep record of all comments received. I apologize to those readers whose comments have been missed out. 
It is not deliberate. It is the work load that prevents me from keeping records up-to-date. 

The Book

The following text is from 98-page 5th edition of 2007

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Common notes

What is in a मंत्र Mantr(a)? Why is it that it must be repeated again and again, over and again? Like ‚ ॐ Om your new Mantr ought to be भारतवर्ष BhaaratVarsh.

When you identify your country as “India”, you relate yourself to a history of few hundred years. When you identify your nation as “BhaaratVarsh”, you relate yourself to a heritage that goes back to the time immemorial. Every time you think of your nation you must think of it as BhaaratVarsh ~ it must become your second nature.

If you write it as India, if you call it as India, if you see it in print again and again written as India you cannot truly perceive it as BhaaratVarsh. You must understand what is in a name and the significance of its repetition.

In quoted text, throughout this work, term India and Indian have been substituted by term BhaaratVarsh and Bhaaratiya respectively. Exceptions are titles of the books and names of the organizations, only to avoid any confusion with regard to their identity.

Quoted texts, throughout this work, may have some words highlighted with bold or italics or underlined to hold readers’ attention to those words.

Quoted texts, throughout this work, may have some insertions like [*text matter] with a view to help readers with greater clarity.

My use of term 'his' would generally mean 'his/her' unless the context demands otherwise.

Any error of factual nature in my works is not intentional and will stand to correction. If you happen to notice any, kindly draw my attention. I shall be thankful for your help. But whatever you bring up, in this context, must be well substantiated with verifiable references.  

1 - Basics

2 - Three monkeys of Gandhi, and we the Hindus

3 monkeys

Gandhi did the same by glorifying his ideology through the symbolism of three monkeys: one would not see bad, other would not listen to bad, the third would not speak bad. They respectively shut their eyes, ears, and mouth.

That was considered a glorified advancement over the state of monkey, graduating to humans.

What a great accomplishment, and what a lovely philosophy!

One day Hindu will face the ugly truth

And then, this is where we will find ourselves

"If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you, and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves".

Only to find, in what a mess we have landed ourselves

Do you notice that tiny seed, which turned into a gigantic tree, and now threatening the very existence of the palatial structure?

But then, there are few exceptions too, who did not shut their minds

There are many others whom I have come across, and there would be many more with whom I have not yet come in contact with.

3 - Judaism

Seed that gave birth to a unique phenomenon "destroy all other civilizations"

• The Old Testament, 1st part of the Christian Bible, is of Jewish origin.
For the time being, let us visualize it as the Seed.
As we proceed, we will see that this seed gave birth to a unique phenomenon: destroy all other civilizations.

Oxford Dictionary definitions

Judaism - the monotheistic religion of the Jews - for its origins Judaism looks to the biblical covenant made by God with Abraham, and to the laws revealed to Moses and recorded in Torah (supplemented by the rabbinical Talmud) p 988
Biblical - of, relating to, or contained in Bible p 169
Abraham - (in the Bible) the Hebrew patriarch from whom all Jews trace their descent (Genesis 11:27-25:10) p 5
Patriarch - any of those biblical figures regarded as fathers of the human race, especially Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and their forefathers, or the sons of Jacob p 1360
Torah - law of God as revealed to Moses and recorded in the first five books of Hebrew Scriptures (the Pentateuch) p 1955
Rabbi - a person appointed as Jewish religious leader p 1525
Jehovah - a form of the Hebrew name of God used in some translations of the Bible p 979
Old Testament is the first part of the Christian Bible p 1291

All Jews trace their decent from Abraham

• Abraham was the Hebrew patriarch
A patriarch is one who is regarded as father of a human race
Hebrew is the language that Jews speak
Judaism is the religion of the Jews

• Judaism looks to biblical covenant
Biblical is what is contained in Bible
Covenant means a contract, a mutual agreement
Biblical covenant between God and Abraham

• It means a contract between God and Abraham as documented in Bible
Judaism looks to the laws revealed to Moses, and recorded in Torah

• Torah contains Laws of God
These Laws of God are recorded in first five books of Hebrew scriptures called the Pentateuch
Jewish name of Pentateuch is Torah
Pentateuch and Torah refer to the same set of documentation
Pentateuch refers to first five books of Old Testament

• Those five books are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy
Old Testament is the first part of Christian Bible
Thus, the following are interconnected by a thread which has been invisible to the Hindus

• Christian Bible
Old Testament within Christian Bible
Pentateuch (Torah) within Old Testament

• First five books within Pentateuch that are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy
Christian Bible that begins with Genesis
Jewish philosophy contained in Christian Bible

Here are the Laws of Bible God that directly affect all other religions

• Utterly destroy those nations, which worship other gods, when you capture them.
• Utterly overthrow their gods, break the idols of their gods.
• Destroy everything that relates to their way of worshipping their own gods.
• Destroy the idols of their gods, and obliterate the names of their gods from that place.
• Violently kill their children in front of their eyes, destroy their houses, and rape their wives.
• Kill their every little male child, kill their women, but keep their virgins alive for yourself, so that they can later give birth to many more Asurs like you.
• Spare not the babies sucking mother’s milk, and old men of gray hair with their one foot in the grave.
• Follow these laws as long as you live on this earth, never ever forget them, and practice them religiously.

Christians enthusiastically practiced those Laws of their God

• They did not forget these Laws even after thousand years.
Victims were Hindus of Goa and surrounding territories.
This went on for 200 years, nonstop.

• Brain behind it was a Saint of Christianity!
Here is the path to attain Jewish brand Christian God; let us see what he has in store for those of us who worship idols

Here is one God who asks you to hate other religions

• Here is one God who asks you to hate other religions
This God is asking his followers to destroy other civilizations that do not worship this particular God

Here are the quotes from Christian Bible and definitions/meanings from the Oxford Dictionary

Exodus is the 2nd book of the Bible Oxford Dictionary p 645
Deuteronomy is 5th book of Bible Oxford Dictionary p 504

Holy Bible Deuteronomy 12:2 Ye shall utterly destroy all the places wherein the nations, which ye possess served their Gods, upon the high mountains, and upon the hills, and every green tree: • ISBN 0-8400-3625-4
Holy Bible Exodus 23:24 Thou shall not bow down to their gods, nor serve them, nor do after their works: but thou shalt utterly overthrow them, and quite break down their images. • ISBN 0-8400-3625-4
Holy Bible Exodus 34:13 But ye shall destroy their altars, break their images, and cut down their groves. • ISBN 0-8400-3625-4
Holy Bible Deuteronomy 12:3 And ye shall overthrow their altars, and break their pillars, and burn their groves with fire; and ye shall hew down the graven images of their gods, and destroy the names of them out of that place. • ISBN 0-8400-3625-4

Graven image a carved idol or representation of a god used as an object of worship Oxford Dictionary, p 801

Cut their children into pieces and rape their wives and save the virgins for yourselves

Here are the quotes from Christian Bible and definitions/meanings from the Oxford Dictionary

Numbers is 4th book of the Bible Oxford Dictionary p 1272
Isaiah was a major Hebrew prophet and Isaiah is a book of Bible containing his prophecies Oxford Dictionary p 966

Holy Bible Isaiah 13:16 Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished (*raped). • ISBN 0-8400-3625-4

Ravish force a woman to have sexual intercourse against her will Oxford Dictionary p 1541
Dash strike or fling something somewhere with great force, especially so as to have a destructive effect Oxford Dictionary p 468

• So, get ready to be raped if you do not follow their religion.
Animals do not rape women who follow other gods.
Animals do not kill infants unless they are so very hungry that they cannot wait any more and they cannot find any grown-ups around.

So, we see that humans have graduated over the animals!
Probably, this is what is called the process of evolution whereby humans have come to think that they are superior to the animals.
The question is: who needs to learn what, from whom?

• Does our Hindu religion teach us the same thing?
When a Hindu is told that all religions are equal then he treats them as equal, remaining blissfully unaware of the impending threat from those religions which have been constantly working towards gradually eliminating Hinduism.

Holy Bible Numbers 31:17 Now therefore kill every male among little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. 31:18 But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves. • ISBN 0-8400-3625-4

Note: Every male among little ones means baby boys, male children. Woman that hath known man by lying with him means married women, or women who have had slept with men. Women children that have not known a man by lying with him means those who have not slept with men, virgins, those who have had no sex with men.

• Wonderful teachings, aren’t they?
I would want to ask sensible men and women if they would want to respect such a God?
The problem is: sensible people lose their senses when it comes to discussing God.

You are not one of us; so, get ready to be killed

• What if you are a baby sucking mother’s milk, or a man with your one foot in the grave
You are not one of us
So, get ready to be killed

Here are the quotes from Christian Bible

Holy Bible Deuteronomy 32:24 They shall be burnt with hunger, and devoured with burning heat, and with bitter destruction: I will also send the teeth of beasts upon them, with the poison of serpents of the dust 32:25 The sword without, and terror within, shall destroy both young man and the virgin, the suckling also with the man of gray hairs. • ISBN 0-8400-3625-4

• Do you get the message here?
The message is plain and simple: you are not one of us!
But then, so many of you say, it will lead us to the same God, as will Hinduism.

• Why do you refuse to see that the two religions speak of all together different concepts of God?
One speaks of God full of hatred and the other speaks of Ishwar full of love.

• Why do you do this to the gullible masses that trust you?
Is it because you have already noticed that it works pretty well?

• Unsuspecting Hindu believes that you are a great teacher.
You teach us the good things of life.
I would follow you wholeheartedly.
Here is part of my earnings as an offering towards your living expenses, and also towards your expansion projects.

• And, what happens to unsuspecting Hindu?
He or she learns from you to believe that all religions are equal, and all religions teach love.
This is how you disarm them of the necessary caution.

• So, there is a fox waiting for the opportunity to eat them up, and you teach them to spread their arms, and embrace it.
Indeed, God is in every body, and that is your point!
God is in that fox as well, and so He is within you.
So, embrace it.

• Are we being fair to ourselves when we keep cajoling us and keep saying: we must keep glorifying them because that shows our greatness!
We need to ask ourselves: is it our greatness or our foolishness?
• We have been given a head over our shoulder and we are expected to use it for taking care of our respective interests.
We should not be so naive that we refuse to look at what may be staring at our face.
• You must realize that if you raise your children with a belief system infested with substantial untruth you cannot expect them to grow up to be truthful towards themselves and towards the society as a whole.
• Besides, when you disarm them filling their heads with such untruth as all religions teach love towards humanity and they all lead you to the same goal, all you do is raise a bunch of cowards and hypocrites as your successors.
• You would agree with me that it is least expected of you as a guide to the society in whatever capacity you may be performing that task.
Please learn the facts and be truthful to yourself.

Leave nothing that breathes

• Conversion?
Out of question!
Simply make them incapable of living.
Leave nothing that breathes
No one other than us has the right to live on this earth

Here are the quotes from Christian Bible

Holy Bible Deuteronomy 20:16-20:17 But of the cities of these people, which the LORD thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth: But thou shalt utterly destroy them.

• Do all Paths lead to the same God?
Are they speaking of the same God?
How is it that the character of Bible God is so very different from that of the God of BhagavadGeeta?

• Are we being fair to Hindus by telling them to keep their eyes shut, ears closed, mouths sealed and thus, disarm themselves from any need for self-defence and keep looking inwardly so that they could attain the same God?

Are these Laws of Bible God only for confinement into the pages of Christian Bible?

• Does this question surface on your mind -
Are these Laws of Bible God only for confinement into the pages of Christian Bible?
Or, they are also for practice in real life?

• The answer is:
Christians enthusiastically practiced those Laws of their God
They did not forget these Laws even after thousand years.
Victims were Hindus of Goa.
This went on for 200 years, nonstop.

• Brain behind this was a person whom Christians call a Saint today!
After reading the following documentation you would realize what you need to do, to the idolater Hindus, if later you wish to be honored as a Saint in Christianity.

Nazi tortures were of no comparison to them

• And the brutalities were probably unmatched and most distasteful in human history
And, that too, not so long ago
Nazi tortures were of no comparison to them

Let us listen to Paul William Roberts:

Children were flogged and slowly dismembered (*tear or cut limb from limb) in front of their parents, whose (*parents’) eyelids had been sliced off (*so they couldn’t close their eyes) to make sure they missed nothing. Extremities (*the hands and feet) were amputated carefully, so that a person could remain conscious even when all that remained was a torso (*the trunk of the human body) and head. Male genitals were removed and burned in front of wives, breasts hacked off and vaginas penetrated by swords while husbands were forced to watch. ...And it went on for two hundred years. The Empire of the Soul, Harper Collins, 1999 quoted in The Saint Business, Rajeev Srinivasan, Hindu Voice, Nov 2003, pp. 4-5
“The Goa Inquisition was established in 1560 as recommended earlier by Saint Francis Xavier, and finally abolished in 1812. Although its headquarters were at Goa, its jurisdiction extended to entire Portuguese possessions to the East of the Cape of Good Hope, and it had its Commissaries in other major centers”. The Goa Inquisition, A K Priolkar, cover 3

• Does it ever occur to you -
Why is it that so much fuss is made of Nazi tortures, while not a word of Christian tortures is ever spoken?
Is it because today the all powerful Media is captive of Christian world?

• Is the life and dignity of the followers of the Christian Bible is of value, while it is of no value for the non-followers?
Does this help you measure true ethical standard of present day champions of Human Dignity/Rights Movement?

• Returning to the same question -
Why so much fuss is made till today about what Nazis did to the Jews?
Is it because Jews (first cousins of Christians) authored the first part of Christian Bible?

Here is the Seed for Permanency that even Time could not erase

• Follow these laws as long as you live on this earth, never ever forget them and continue practicing them religiously
And thus, the Seed for Permanency was sown that even Time could not erase

Here is the quote from Christian Bible and definition/meaning from the Oxford Dictionary -

Holy Bible Deuteronomy 12:1 These are the statutes and judgments, which ye shall observe to do in the land, which the LORD God of thy fathers giveth thee to possess it, all the days ye live on the earth. • ISBN 0-8400-3625-4

Statute (in biblical use) a law or decree made by a sovereign, or by God Oxford Dictionary p 1818

• This dictum gives permanence to the phenomenon of hatred, and passion for destruction, as long as Jews and Christians live on this earth, as they consider their Bible as Holy Bible, though howsoever unholy it may sound.
Circumstances may change, environment may get drastically modified, but their agenda for hate and destruction must never end.
And, that is what we are going to witness as we will proceed.

• From then, until now, things have not changed in essence, only their appearances have changed with time and environment.
We will tear off those masks and show you what lies underneath.
Continue your journey with me, if you please. (1)
Choice would be yours! But please do not expect this slim edition to bare it all.

He is the Jealous God

• He is a Jealous God who cannot tolerate the existence of any human being on this earth, who worships another god

Here are the quotes from Christian Bible -

Holy Bible Exodus 34:14 For thou shalt worship no other god; for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God: • ISBN 08400-3625-4
Holy Bible Nahum 1:2 God is jealous, and the LORD revengeth; the LORD revengeth, and is furious; the LORD will take vengeance on his adversaries, and he reserveth wrath for his enemies • ISBN 0-8400-3625-4

Nahum a book of Bible Oxford Dictionary p 1228

• Ask yourself -
How can such a God tolerate existence of any human being on this earth, who worships another god?

• When you fool others, you harm others
But when you fool yourself, you harm yourself

• Some of you would want to argue that it is better to fool ourselves than fooling others
Well, I am not asking you to fool others
I am asking you to stop living in a fool’s paradise

A word of Caution

• Some people love to speak that knowledge of God is illumination
Well, all that is fine, but first come to the ground level.

• First, become knowledgeable about facts and falsehoods
Then, think of your illumination!

• Ignorance of basic facts has been the curse for us
So, please walk on earth first, before you start flying up in the sky to attain the so-called illumination!

• You need a secure ground to walk on, and continue to walk on
If you remain blissfully oblivious of those waiting to back-stab you then, either you, or your coming generations will not have that ground to walk on! 

4 - Christianity

Seed of Judaism found its much wider expression in Christianity
Jesus was the first religious teacher in history to threaten those, who did not agree with him, with eternal damnation. This is the only original idea that he contributed to the world’s vast body of religious thought, and in two millennia it has destroyed nations and whole civilizations and caused Thomas Jefferson to declare, ‘The Christian God is cruel, vindictive, capricious and unjust’. Ishwar Sharan • ISBN 81-85990-21-2, p 120

From the One and the Only Son of God, with LOVE

Let me tell you in the very beginning that here are the quotes from Christian Bible and definitions/meanings from the Oxford Dictionary lest you start wondering if I have invented them

Oxford Dictionary definitions

New Testament is the second part of the Christian Bible p 1249
Gospel the record of Christ’s teachings in New Testament p 792
St Matthew an Apostle, traditional author of 1st Gospel p 1143
St Luke an evangelist, traditionally the author of 3rd Gospel p 1099
St Thomas was an Apostle p 1928
Apostle each chief disciple of Jesus Christ is an apostle p 77

Gospel of Thomas is the second century Coptic text of this Gnostic gospel, probably written in Syria, was discovered in Egypt in 1946. It contains the secret sayings of Jesus as recorded by St Thomas. • ISBN 81-85990-21-2, p 76 n 36

Teachings of Jesus Christ

• Teachings of Jesus Christ were documented individually by some of his disciples
We notice here striking resemblance in three gospels that we will be quoting in our work
They leave no scope for ambiguity in any way.
• For one thing, you would find it difficult to believe that these could at all be true.
Then, once you have checked the Holy Bible for yourself, you would want to argue, after all how many people read Bible?
• You will be amazed to know that those who train other Christians - they themselves live by these sayings.
Popes, Saints, Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops have lived by them.
Read the account of their real-life deeds, as culled out of documented history, in my other works [see Book 08 or 10].

Please do not take these sayings of Jesus so very lightly

• You may not have known them but that does not change the fact of life.
So, please do not take these sayings of Jesus so very lightly.

Holy Bible Matthew 10:34 Think not I am come to send peace on earth: I come not to send peace, but a sword. • ISBN 0-8400-3625-4

• Do you find the English very difficult to follow?
Don’t you think that even a child would understand as to what he said?
And, what have you been taught?
That Jesus came to the world to bring love and peace!

• Why do they advertise the Jesus-image with love and peace?
For them, Jesus is a brand for marketing.
By promoting that brand consistently, they make sure that their pockets are never empty.
We have dealt with these marketing techniques in Book 08.

Please do not fool your unsuspecting followers by inventing stories

• Please do not fool yourself and your gullible devotees by saying that he meant 'sword to destroy our inner evils' and 'war against our Adhaarmic tendencies'.
Some of you celebrities love to promote these cooked interpretations and it has been published with prominent media coverage [details in Christianity Vol. II].
• If only you start reading Bible for yourself, you will soon realize that Christian Messiahs had simply not risen to that high a level of philosophy, which some of you tend to invent in their name
I would not know if you get lot of white skin followers and dollar remittances in return but certainly you are doing considerable harm to your own SoulMother Sanaatan Dharm which has irrigated and nourished your soul.

Do you think you will get away with this?

• By praising Jesus and fooling your Hindu followers, do you think you will be spared by the followers of Jesus?
Please do not remain under such impression
So long you remain to be the idolaters, treatment for you will be the same
• Find hard to believe?
Go to the North-East and find out for yourself
Or, read the accounts of what's happening there [Book 10]
• Temples are destroyed
Priests are killed inside temples
Devotees are raped inside temples
And, its all happening after conversion into Christianity
• Those who have converted, they are doing it
To those who haven't yet converted themselves
It's being done at the instigation of Christian priests

Oh! That's news to us

• You would ask why it is that we do not read these stories in newspapers, or see it on television?
Well, you need to ask that to them
Where does their loyalty lie?
Who fills their pockets for being selective?
Who are the majority stockholders?
What is their background?
Are they all front-men controlled by invisible few others?
• Our media boasts of being a free press
No doubt, they are free
Free to publish what they want
Free not to publish what they do not want
That is where their true freedom lies
• They did cry during Emergency period
That they did not have the freedom of speech
For they wanted that freedom in their hands
They did not want it in Indira's hand
• Today's freedom gives them the power of discretion
To be selective
As they become the opinion-makers to the nation

We believe in formless god, we are not idolaters

• Some of you Gurus live in yet another illusion
They think we believe in formless god
We preach about formless god
We are not idolaters, so their hate cannot be for us
• Well, if only you looked at how they perceive you
To them these excuses do not matter
They perceive you as Hindus
And, Hindus are essentially idolaters so far they are concerned
So, beware - their axe will fall on your neck as well

This is what Jesus said in plain and simple language

Holy Bible Luke 12:51 Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:
• ISBN 0-8400-3625-4

Nay a negative answer - Oxford Dictionary, p 1237

Gospel of Thomas 16 Jesus said: Perhaps men think that I came to cast peace on the world; and they do not know that I came to cast division upon earth, fire, sword, war. For five will be in a house, there will be three against two and two against three, the father against the son and the son against the father. And they will stand because they are single ones. • ISBN 81-85990-21-2, p 76 n

Read 'Jesuit Oath' (Christianity Volume II for the text of the Oath and Beware of this Aasuric Culture for the Oath, the Ritual, and in-depth commentary) and you will see what eludes you!

For Jesus’s sake please do not get swayed by those works of fiction

• For Jesus’s sake please do not get swayed by those stories that float around with best selling works of fiction which give you the thought that
Jesus of Bible and real Jesus were different people, or
Jesus never existed, or
Mary was not Jesus’s mother but his wife, or
Jesus was a Hindu Sannyaasi who taught BhagavadGeeta (Krishn Neeti as Christianity) to the people of Europe, or
Any other such hypothesis

They want you to stay confused

• These works of fiction are meant to keep you confused
And, at the same time they are aimed at keeping alive the dying interest of Europeans' in Jesus and in Christianity
• It is a win-win situation for all concerned
Those who fund these projects staying at the background, invisible to common man
Those who work on those projects and later mint money on copyright, and fame on media coverage
Those who publish such works roll in money
Those idle minds who seek something new, and enchanting, gladly buy these to keep their imagination active
Who loses? None, apparently
Except, the 'Truth' that continues to elude everyone
• The reason I ask you not to get swayed by these works of fiction because the world at large believes in the Jesus of Christian Bible
And, what the world believes that matters
Because, the world belief system shapes the real-life conducts of the believers
And, such conducts of theirs do affect those who follow other faiths

Jesus’s teachings as recorded by chief disciple Saint Thomas were confirmed by another chief disciple Saint Matthew

Holy Bible Matthew 10:35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against the mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. 10:36 And a man’s foe shall be they of his own household.
• ISBN 0-8400-3625-4

Also, reconfirmed by Saint Luke

Holy Bible Luke 12:52 For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three. 12:53 The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law
• ISBN 0-8400-3625-4

Now let us look at yet another Jesus’s teaching as recorded by St Thomas

Gospel of Thomas 56 Jesus said: He who will not hate his father and his mother cannot be my disciple. And he who will not hate his brothers and sisters, and carry his cross as I have, will not become worthy of me.
• ISBN 81-85990-21-2, p 76 n

Also, confirmed by Saint Luke

Holy Bible Luke 14:26 If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.
• ISBN 0-8400-3625-4

Jesus's Dreams taking shape quietly

• Do you realize, why you see today, all around you, so much "talk about peace"?
• Does it also occur to you, why is it that, there is so much "talk about love" in the Christian circles?
Is it to keep the attention of people away from falling on to the true dream of Jesus, which is taking shape quietly, and quite unnoticed?
• Is it all a clever ploy to divert the attention from 'cause and effect' relationship between the two:
Jesus’s dream, which has been kept under wraps very carefully (the cause)
The Effect: Whatever has been happening all around us, during the past two thousand years (the effect)

Bloodbath seems to continue in a cyclic fashion

• Bloodbath seems to continue in a cyclic fashion between these three that germinated from the same seed
Judaism, Christianity, Islam
• Indeed, we see war everywhere
We see broken families everywhere
What has happened to the world in last two thousand years since Jesus landed on this earth?
• Was it a boon as it is frequently advertised?
Or was it, in reality, a curse to the mankind which humanity fails to understand?
• Answer to this, you have to search for yourself
I can only show you the approach

Why do we see war all around ever since Jesus arrived on earth?

• Does it ever feel like that humanity is gasping for breath?
As if the mankind feels suffocated with war all around for past two millenniums!
Sometimes it is Jews and Christians, sometimes Christians and Muslims, and sometimes it is Muslims and Jews
• Go and look for the blood soaked history of Europe with reference to Crusades and Zihaad
Look for what happened during Nazi regime
Look for what had been happening in Beirut Lebanon for years together
Look for what is happening between Palestine and Israel
• What are they trying to hide?
By talking all the time about love, are these Christian missionaries consistently fooling the masses around the world, keeping their attention away from the basic fact that all this war and hatred is the gift of Christianity, and its messiah Jesus Christ?
Why there is so much lovey-dovey portrayal of Jesus Christ all around these days?
• After all it was Jesus’s dream!
And Christians all over the world have one duty: to fulfill their master’s dream

Do you realize why you see today, all around you broken families?

• They not only destroyed the institution of family in the Christian world, but they also spread their wings and destroyed the Hindu family structure within a matter of 112 years, after implementation of Christian missionary education system in 1835 all over BhaaratVarsh
The Hindu joint family system lasted in BhaaratVarsh for thousands and thousands of years providing a stable and working system, but when Christian educators arrived on the scene, they gradually influenced the thought process of English educated Hindus, and encouraged them in subtle manner to break away from the main stream
• They promoted single-family system, disintegrated the joint family system
This, later, made way for lucrative business for the shrinks (psychiatrists) on the premise that the broken family structure does not provide the necessary emotional support system, a gap that shrinks only can fill in

Contribution of Jesus to the mankind

• Destroying the institution of family threadbare is, what the humanity should remember as, the greatest contribution of Jesus

Oxford Dictionary definition

Jesus (sub-sense) (as exclamation) an oath used to express irritation, dismay, or surprise Oxford Dictionary, p 981
• Is this why people started using his name in this manner, that is to say, simply out of irritation or dismay?
I am just curious!

Face-lifting is an ongoing process in Christianity

• Christian pastors know that if they show the true face of Jesus people will dump him, and along with that all those who make a living on his name
Christian evangelists know that they will be kicked out if the world comes to know the true character of Jesus’s and Moses’s teachings
• Therefore, enormous amounts of money are spent on media coverage
Christianity’s face-lifting operation is an ongoing process, at a scale unmatched by any other organization
Vatican’s annual budget exceeds the annual budget of BhaaratVarsh, Pakistan, BanglaDesh put together (see my other works for details)

The Myth — Victimized Jews / Oppressed Jews

Hatred between Jews and Christians

• God speaks through Old Testament of Christian Bible
Son of God speaks through New Testament of Christian Bible
Both speak of hate
• Hate being the driving spirit, they not only hate others, they also hate each other
Those who introduce themselves as Jews they follow the God
Those who introduce themselves as Christians follow the Son of God
They cannot live without hate

When they have no one else to hate, they hate each other

• When they have no one else to hate, they hate each other
Nazis were followers of the Son of God
Jews were followers of the God
So Nazis killed Jews
• Pope is the supreme spiritual leader of those who follow the Son of God
He blessed the Nazis when they killed Jews
Being the supreme spiritual leader of Nazis, the followers of Son of God, Pope also claimed a share in the Nazi loot of Jewish gold

In 1944 alone the Nazi contribution to the Vatican amounted to over $100 million–worth nearly a billion and half in today’s values. The Vatican managed also to get a large share of the Nazi gold looted from the Jews of Europe during the Second World War. This has now become a major scandal in Europe. While Swiss banks are opening up their records, the Vatican has maintained secrecy over its collaboration with the Nazis, including its participation in the looting of the Jews of Europe. ISBN 81-85990-52-2, p 134

They love each other when they have to hate others

• But do not remain under any illusion
They love each other when they have to hate others, like, we idol worshipper Hindus
Why it is so?
• It is because then it becomes monotheism’s war against polytheism
It is because the God of Christian Bible has given clear mandate that together they must eliminate all idol worshippers from the face of this earth
And it is because the Bible God has also directed that the followers of Bible must not rest until they have accomplished this task

So, they joined hands hiding each other's crimes

• Jews made plenty of Hollywood movies, and wrote plenty of novels, about Christian Hitler
Everywhere they placed slanting Swastik in prominence
And, promoted his boasting of true Aarya (Aryan) bloodline
• The result: unsuspecting European and American masses were led to believe that Nazi hatred was a product of Hindu hatred
For Swastik and Aarya (Aryan) stuff has been long connected to Hinduism
But they never told the audience that slanting Swastik is considered inauspicious in Hinduism
Hindu Swastik is straight
They know how to hide each others crimes and blame it on someone else

Some claim, Jews are friends of Hindus as they never invaded India!

• There happens to be a difference between ‘did’ and ‘could’
When you were incapable of doing something, how would you have done that?
• Did they know the sea route to BhaaratVarsh?
(in their heyday) When they did not know how to reach BhaaratVarsh, how would they have invaded BhaaratVarsh?

Some say: How is it that Jews lived peacefully in India?

• Did they have any alternative?
Were they in significant numbers to be of nuisance value?

Why did the Jews come to BhaaratVarsh to take refuge?

• Who pushed them out of their own country?
Did the time cycle pay them back in same coin as they had earlier done to others?

History tells us that Jews were the oppressed ones

• Which history are we talking about?
The one propagated by the Jews of Hollywood through big banner movies like Benhur and Ten Commandments?
Everywhere the Jews have been shown as the oppressed ones
Is that the entire history of the Jews?
• Look at it another way
When they had their time they destroyed every one and every thing that breathed if the other did not follow Jewish God
What more can an oppressor get from another bunch of oppressors?

That 'victimized peace loving poor guys' image of the Jews

• Jews have faded in history because
The poisonous seed they had once sown, in course of time that seed produced such carnivorous plants, which later worked towards destroying the one, who had earlier sown the seed
No point making a martyr of one’s not so noble past that has been laboriously erased from public memory by use of Jewish Hollywood movies, dozens and dozens and dozens of them, showing Jews as the oppressed ones, and thus glorifying their sacrifices, and earning sympathy of the viewers
• No wonder you reap what you sow
Moses created a phenomenon of destruction that sought to destroy his own people, in course of time

5 - Islam

Islam is more of a by-product of Judeo-Christianity

• Islam is more of a by-product of Judeo-Christianity
What began as Judaism, got translated into Christianity, and later found its ferocious expression in Islam
One seed and three carnivorous plants!

• Judaism, Christianity and Islam are part of the same fraternity
Prophet Muhammad himself confirmed it

Here is the quote from Qur’an and definitions/meanings from the Oxford Dictionary

Qur'an at’tauba 9:111 Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden [*paradise] will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain. It is promise which is binding on Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur'an. Who fulfilleth His covenant better than Allah? Rejoice then in your bargain that ye have made, for that is the supreme triumph. ISBN 81-86632-00-X, Qur'an Majeed, p 388, Soora 9 Aayat 111, revealed by Allah to Muhammad at al-Madinaah

Oxford Dictionary definitions

Torah (in Judaism) the law of God as revealed to Moses and recorded in the first five books of the Hebrew scriptures (the Pentateuch) p 1955
Gospel (1) the teaching or revelation of Christ (2) the record of Christ’s life and teachings in the first four books of the New Testament [the four Gospels ascribed to St Matthew, St Mark, St Luke, and St John] p 792
Mohammed (c 570-632) Arab prophet and founder of Islam; (additional information) in c. 610 in Mecca he received the first of a series of revelations which, as the Qur’an, became the doctrinal and legislative basis of Islam. In the face of opposition to his preaching he and is small group of supporters were forced to flee to Madina in 622 (the Hegira). Muhammad led his followers into a series of battles against the Meccans. In 630 Mecca capitulated, and by his death Muhammad had united most of Arabia p 1213
Koran [Quran, Qur’an] the Islamic sacred book, believed to be the word of God as directed to Muhammad by the archangel Gabriel and written down in Arabic. The Qur’an consists of 114 units of varying lengths, known as Suras; the first sura is said as part of the ritual prayer. These touch upon all aspects of human existence, including matters of doctrine, social organization, and legislation p 1019
Gabriel (In the Bible) the archangel who foretold the birth of Jesus to Virgin Mary (Luke 1:26-38), and who also appeared to Zacharias, father of John the Baptist, and to Daniel; Gabriel (in Islam) the archangel who revealed the Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad p 749
Hadith [HadIs] a collection of traditions containing sayings of the prophet Muhammad which, with accounts of his daily practice (the Sunna), constitute the major source of guidance for Muslims apart from the Qur’an p 824
Sunna the traditional portion of the Muslim law based on Muhammad’s words and acts, accepted (together with the Qur'an) as authoritative by Muslims p 1861
Sura [Surah, Soora] a chapter or section of Qur’an p 1866

• So, what we see here is that God or Allah made the promise to the mankind in Jewish Torah, Christian Gospel, and Muslim Qur’an
• Hope you notice the connection:
Muhammad came last so he had to clearly spell out the connection,
What we also see here is that Gabriel is the same chief angel who told Mary that she would give birth to Jesus, and then couple of hundred years later same Gabriel revealed Qur’an to Muhammad.

Sources of Islam

The sources of Islam are two the Qur'an and the HadIs (Sayings or Traditions) usually called the Sunna (customs), both having their center in Muhammad. The Qur'an contains the Prophet’s ‘revelations’ (wahy); the HadIs, all that he did or said, or enjoined, forbade or did not forbid, approved or disapproved. Ram Swarup, Understanding Islam through Hadis, web version

A Muslim has to follow Muhammad’s life pattern

• A Muslim has to follow Muhammad’s life pattern and dictates of Qur’an much the same as a Christian has to follow Bible God’s Laws until he or she lives on this earth!

Muhammad’s life is a visible expression of Allah’s utterances in the Qur'an. God provides the divine principle, Muhammad the living pattern. According to the Qur'an, when Allah and His Apostle have decided a matter, the believer does not have his or her own choice in the matter. Ram Swarup, Understanding Islam through Hadis, web version
Qur'an al’ahzaab 33:36 And it becometh not a believing man or a believing woman, when Allah and his messenger have decided an affair (for them), that they should (after that) claim any say in their affair; and whoso is rebellious to Allah and His messenger, he verily goeth astray in error manifest. ISBN 81-86632-00-X, Qur’an Majeed, p 752, Soora 33 Aayat 36, revealed by Allah to Muhammad at al-Madinaah

Why riots take place in the country?

An orthodox Muslim organization Maktaba al-Hasnaat of Raampur in Uttar Pradesh published an authentic edition of Qur’an with the Arabic text of the Qur'an together with Hindi and English translations in parallel columns. Hindu Raksha Dal, Delhi published a poster under the caption Why riots take place in the country citing 24 Aayats that command ‘the believers (Muslims) to fight against the followers of other faiths’ and stating that ‘so long as these Aayats are not removed [from the Qur'an], riots in the country cannot be prevented’. President and the Secretary of Hindu Raksha Dal were arrested under Sections 153A and 295A of the Indian (Bhaaratiya) Penal Code, the very same sections which were invoked by Chandmal Chopra in his petition for prohibiting publication of Qur'an. Metropolitan Magistrate of Delhi Z S Lohat delivered his judgment on July 31, 1986 discharging both accused with the observation that: With due regard to the holy book of ‘Qur'an Majeed’, a close perusal of the ‘Aytes’ shows that the same are harmful and teach hatred, and are likely to create differences between Mohammedans on one hand and the remaining communities on the other. ISBN 8185990581, pp x-xi

Look at the thought process of Judaism, Christianity and Islam

• The thought process of Judaism, Christianity and Islam
They are all so very similar
The common thread joining them is the immense hatred towards those who worship idols, like we the Hindus, and the medicine each of them prescribe for us is so very similar

Do not ever rest until the idol worshipping is finished

• Do not ever rest until the idol worshipping is finished and all of them become
(a) Muslim or
(b) Christian, or
(c) Cease to breathe and live
This is what Allah tells Muhammad or Bible God tells Christians

Throw them live into to fire

• Allah is the mighty and the wise but look at these people who do not want to become his follower. We will throw them alive in the fire and as their skins melt we will throw others into the fire and let them have a taste of the torture of body and mind. Here is the quote from Qur’an which was revealed to prophet at al-Madinaah as per Qur’an Majeed:

Qur'an an’nisa 4:56 Lo! Those who disbelieve Our revelations, We shall expose them to Fire. As often as their skins are consumed We shall exchange them for fresh skins that they may taste the torment. Lo! Allah is ever Mighty, Wise. ISBN 81-86632-00-X, Qur’an Majeed, p 231, Soora 4 Aayat 56, Allah to Muhammad at al-Madinaah

Fry them in fire

• We will bind them with seventy cubit long chain and fry them in the fire which will be like hell to them as they do not want to follow Allah. Here is the quote from Qur’an which was revealed to prophet at Mecca as we learn from Qur’an Majeed:

Qur'an al’haakka 69:30-33 We shall say: ‘Lay hold of him and bind him. Burn him in the fire of Hell, and then fasten him with a chain seventy cubits long. For he did not believe in Allah, the Most High. ISBN 81-85990-58-1, p 257

Pour boiling water on their head

• Those who do not want to become Muslim they will be clothed with fire and boiling water will be poured on their heads which will melt their skin and whatever else is in their bellies. Then they will be lashed with red hot iron. Here is the quote from Qur’an which was revealed to prophet at al-Madinaah as we learn from Qur’an Majeed:

Qur'an al’hazz 22:19-21 Garments of fire have been prepared for unbelievers. Scalding water shall be poured upon their heads, melting their skins and that which is in their bellies. They shall be lashed with red iron. ISBN 81-85990-58-1, p 266

Gurus who tell you all religions preach love

• Now ask yourself:
Do you need to get organized in self defence or want to be barbecued the way Allah of Qur’an or God of Bible wants to see your end
• And, for the Gurus:
When you choose to tell your followers that all religions show the path to the same God, please also tell them to be ready to be fried like chickens when their turn finally comes
• You want to show them the path to Moksh
If you tell them half the truth, do you think you will yourself get the Moksh?
• If you don't
Then how will your followers get Moksh?

Teachings that make Hatred and Enmity Permanent

• If you continue to worship idols, and do not become a Muslim, you will remain our enemy, and we shall continue to hate you! This dictum gives permanence to the phenomenon of hatred, and passion for destruction, as long as Muslims live on this earth, as they consider their Qur’an as the command of Allah, and the acts of prophet as the acts of Allah! Here are the quotes from Qur’an which are spread throughout Qur’an so that you are kept reminded of them again and again, over and again which were revealed to prophet at al-Madinaah as per Qur’an Majeed:

Qur'an al’bakra 2:193 Fight against them until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme. ISBN 81-85990-58-1, p 255
Qur'an al’anfaal 8:39 Make war on them until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme. ISBN 81-85990-58-1, p 255
Qur'an at’tauba 9:2-3 Allah will humble the unbelievers… Allah and His apostle are free from obligation to the idol-worshipper… Proclaim a woeful punishment to the unbelievers. ISBN 81-85990-58-1, p 259

Woeful - characterized by, expressive of, or causing sorrow or misery

Qur'an al’mumtahana 60:4 We renounce you (i.e., the idolaters): enmity and hate shall reign between us until you believe in Allah only. ISBN 81-85990-58-1, p 262

• Circumstances may change, environment may get drastically modified, but their agenda for hate and destruction must never end. From then, until now, things haven’t changed in essence, only their appearances have changed with time and environment.

Allah does not trust idol worshippers

• Qur’an clearly states that Allah does not trust idol worshippers, nor does Prophet Muhammad. If Allah and Prophet cannot, how can an ordinary Muslim trust an idol worshipper Hindu? Here is the quote from Qur’an which was revealed to prophet at al-Madinaah as per Qur’an Majeed:

Qur'an at’tauba 9:7 Allah and His apostle repose no trust in idolaters. ISBN 81-85990-58-1, p 262

If you do not fight idolaters, Allah will replace you with other men

Here is the quote from Qur’an which was revealed to prophet at al-Madinaah as we learn from Qur’an Majeed

Qur'an at’tauba 9:39 If you do not fight He will punish you sternly and replace you by other men...ISBN 81-85990-58-1, p 257

Does not matter whether you like it or not

• It does not matter whether you like it or not, you have got to fight, you have no choice. Here is the quote from Qur’an which was revealed to prophet at al-Madinaah as we learn from Qur’an Majeed:

Qur'an al’bakra 2:216 Fighting is obligatory for you, much as you dislike it. ISBN 81-85990-58-1, p 255

Does not matter whether you have means to fight or not

• It does not matter whether you have means to fight or not but fight you must, and you must use your money and your person, and it will be a fight for and on behalf of Allah. Here is the quote from Qur’an which was revealed to prophet at al-Madinaah as we learn from Qur’an Majeed:

Qur'an at’tauba 9:41 Whether unarmed or well equipped, march on and fight for the cause of Allah, with your wealth and your persons. ISBN 81-85990-58-1, p 255

Wage war on those who live near you

• O Muslims! Be harsh on nonMuslims and wage war on those who live near you. Here is the quote from Qur’an which was revealed to prophet at al-Madinaah as we learn from Qur’an Majeed:

Qur'an at’tauba 9:123 Believers! Make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Let them find harshness in you. ISBN 81-85990-58-1, p 255

Allah asks Prophet to declare war on nonMuslims

• Allah asks Prophet to declare war on nonMuslims and send them to hell. So, what does prophet asks the Muslims? Naturally, he asks for the same thing. Here are the quotes from Qur’an which ware revealed to him at al-Madinaah as we learn from Qur’an Majeed:

Qur'an at’tauba 9:73 O Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites. Be harsh with them. Their ultimate abode is Hell, a hapless journey’s end. ISBN 81-85990-58-1, p 255

Hapless (especially of a person) unfortunate

Qur'an at’tahreem 66:9 O Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal sternly with them. Hell shall be their home, evil their fate. ISBN 81-85990-58-1, p 255

Cut the heads of nonMuslims and Allah will send you to Paradise

• Cut the heads of nonMuslims, bind them firmly, and release them after taking ransom. If Allah wanted he could have killed them himself but he wants to test you. Those who will die for Allah their work will not go waste because they will be sent to paradise. Here are the quotes from Qur’an which were revealed to prophet at al-Madinaah per Qur’an Majeed:

Qur'an Muhammad 47:4-15 When you meet the unbelievers in the battlefield strike off their heads and when you have laid them low, bind your captives firmly. Then grant them their freedom or take ransom from them, until war shall lay down her armor. Thus shall you do! Had Allah willed, He could Himself have perished them (without your help); but He has ordained it thus that He might test you, the one by the other. As for those who are slain in the cause of Allah, He will not allow their works to perish. He will vouchsafe them guidance and ennoble their state; He will admit them to the Paradise He has made known to them. ISBN 81-85990-58-1, p 256

Help Allah and get unending pleasure

• Muslims if you help Allah, he will grant you unending pleasures of paradise whereas nonMuslims shall live in hell forever and drink boiling water, which will tear off their bowels. Here are the quotes from Qur’an which were revealed to prophet at al-Madinaah as we learn from Qur’an Majeed:

Qur'an Muhammad 47:4-15 Believers! If you help Allah, he will help you and make you strong. But the unbelievers shall be consigned to perdition (*eternal damnation). ... He will frustrate their works … Allah is the protector of the faithful; unbelievers have no protector. Allah will admit those who embrace the true faith to gardens (*paradise) watered by running streams. The unbelievers take their full of pleasure and eat as the beasts eat; but Hell shall be their home … They shall abide in Hell forever and drink scalding water, which will tear their bowels. ISBN 81-85990-58-1, p 256

Perdition - (in Christian theology) a state of eternal punishment and damnation into which a sinful and unpenitent person passes after death Oxford Dictionary
Penitent - feeling or showing sorrow and regret for having done wrong; repentant

Allah’s paradise has plenty of beautiful virgins

• Allah’s paradise is very attractive. You have plenty of beautiful virgins, who remain ever young to give you new-new pleasures if you have died killing others for Allah.

What has made it particularly alluring for the faithful throughout the ages is something else, namely, the bevy of beautiful virgins who never grow old or lose their charms, and who never tire of providing newer and ever more plentiful pleasures to those who have lived or died for the faith. Lusty and lurid descriptions of paradise comprise a whole corpus of Islamic lore starting with the Qur'an and the Hadis. ISBN 81-85990-58-1, preface p xv

Permanently damage their both legs and both arms

• Allah asks Muslims to cut off the heads of nonMuslims and permanently damage their both legs and both arms. Here is the quote from Qur’an which was revealed to prophet at al-Madinaah as per Qur’an Majeed:

Qur'an al’anfaal 8:12 I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, maim them in every limb
ISBN 81-85990-58-1, p 256

Maim - wound or injure (someone) so that part of the body is permanently damaged
Limb - arm or leg of a person or four-legged animal, or a bird’s wing

Do not feel guilty of violently killing them

• Do not feel guilty of violently killing because it is not you who killed them violently but it is Allah who killed them violently using you. Since you let yourself become Allah’s tool in killing them violently you will be richly rewarded. Here is the quote from Qur’an which was revealed to prophet at al-Madinaah as we learn from Qur’an Majeed:

Qur'an al’anfaal 8:15-18 It was not you, but Allah, who slew them. It was not you who smote them; Allah smote them so that He might richly reward the faithful. ISBN 81-85990-58-1, p 257

Slay - kill (a person or animal) in a violent way. Smite - strike with a firm blow

Be ruthless to nonMuslims but merciful to Muslims

• Muhammad is Allah’s messenger; his followers are ruthless to nonMuslims but merciful to Muslims. Here is the quote from Qur’an which was revealed to prophet at al-Madinaah as we learn from Qur’an Majeed:

Qur'an al’fath 48:29 Muhammad is Allah’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another. ISBN 81-85990-58-1, p 258

Take prisoner only after slaughtering plenty of people

• Prophet will not take captives (prisoners) until he has done enough of man slaughter in the land he invades. Here is the quote from Qur’an which was revealed to prophet at al-Madinaah as per Qur’an Majeed:

Qur'an al’anfaal 8:67 It is not for any Prophet to have captives until he has made slaughter in the land. ISBN 81-85990-58-1, p 259

Is this Allah of Islam same as the Ishwar of Hinduism?

• Be honest to yourself, and reply.

Are these only for confinement into the pages of Qur’an?

• Do not fool yourself that these commands of Allah are only for confinement into the pages of Qur’an. The Prophet himself lived by them literally, which became the Law for all Muslims to follow till eternity. Here are the quotes from Prophet’s official biographers:

Saahih Bukhaari 82.794-7 & Saahih Muslim 4130-7 The Prophet had them caught. He then ordered their hands and legs to be cut off, their eyes to be branded with heated pieces of iron. He ordered that the cut hands and legs should not be cauterized so that they bleed to death. ‘And when they asked for water to drink’, records the Hadis, ‘they were not given water.’
Note: Those were the commands of Prophet Muhammad in respect of the members of the tribe Ukl, some of whom embraced Islam and then left Islam. ISBN 81-900199-8-8, p 94
Saahih Bukhaari 84.057 Whosoever changes his Islamic religion kill him. ISBN 81-900199-8-8, p 93-94

Death for those who leave Islam

• Those people whom you convert to Islam, if they reconvert themselves to their earlier religion kill them violently wherever you find them. Here is the quote from Qur’an:

Qur’an an’nisa 4:91 Then, if they turn their backs take them and slay them wherever you find them.
Note: This verse is in relation to those persons who, having accepted Islam went back to their traditional observances. ISBN 81-900199-8-8, p 93

This I call self-deceptive nobility

• Here is a real-life incidence depicting those souls who believe in self-deceptive nobility
That is those who want to appear as 'noble men of noble thoughts' by deceiving themselves
And with that, they deceive plenty others
This 'noble deception' is very dear to them
• It was 25 Oct 2004, P S Nair, on his way to Dubai, dropped-in to see me while he narrated the following episode to me. He happened to be part of the audience, and with that he was the witness to the following incidence. I wrote it down couple of hours after he left, the words are mine, the experience is his:

It was my college days. One Swamiji had come to Wadaala (Mumbai) to preach. I would not want to name him. I had been among the audience. He was speaking on Hinduism. Suddenly, Azaan (call before Namaaz) started from a nearby mosque in full volume (on loudspeaker). Swamiji stopped. When the Azaan finished Swamiji could have continued as before, on his earlier topic, but he specifically made a comment pointing towards the Azaan. He told the audience that the Azaan sounded like recitation of SaamVed. To my mind, this was not necessary, at all. He could have simply continued with his earlier topic without any such comment. P S Nair, 25-10-2004

• Now let us examine this Wadaala (Mumbai) episode carefully. The guru glorified Islam by equating Azaan with recitation from SaamVed before his audience though it was not necessary for him to do so
This process of glorification will not stop here. His followers will pass on this to others
The harmful process of undue glorification will continue unabated
• This I call self-deceptive nobility, a trait that many of us love to pass on to the Hindu masses
This is how we effectively disarm Hindu masses from any possibility of self-defense.

Do not glorify adharm' from the position of a guide

• Please understand this clearly
If you glorify adharm' from the position of a guide, your followers will take the path of adharm', and reversing that process will be very difficult
• Please ask yourself a few questions:
Do you want to appear before your audience that you are a spiritual being who happens to be above petty religious mentality?
Do you want to give them the impression that you have a heart big enough to embrace all religions with same kind of love and respect?
Does it not occur to you that you are being unfair to that religion, which is noble by glorifying the one, which is ignoble?
• Please remember one thing:
Be it a fluid or be it human morality, the direction of flow is always from top to the bottom
Common man and woman and child will learn from those who hold these higher positions, particularly in religious orders, supposedly the preachers, teachers, educators, guides, gurus, whatever name you call them by
• You must be careful of what you pass on to your followers:
If you give them untruth, they will become untruthful
If you give them deception, they will learn deception
If you give them ignorance, they will remain ignorant
• You must first decide:
Are you ignorant and passing on that ignorance?
Or, are you passing on untruth knowingly?
Or, are you being deceptive to protect self interest?
• Whatever is the case, there will be a point up to which your lie will sustain itself, or your ignorance will remain under cover 

There are few exceptions as well

• There are few, rather few, who are actively working towards awakening the masses telling them that all religions are not equal, nor they lead you towards the same goal
But then, they are in significant minority
If they become vocal their image will soon be tarnished in public by use (abuse) of media
So, they prefer to work quietly, and they have done commendable job so far

When the TIME is not with you

• They were right in continuing with their work quietly
When the Time is not with you, no point hitting your head against the wall
And, when the Time is on your side, the wall itself will make the way for you

But then how do you recognize the Time?

• Time has a way of revealing itself
Be ready for that moment
Prepare yourself from now on
Time is approaching when you will have to come out in the open

You won’t have to take that difficult decision for yourself

• Time will itself compel you to take to the roads, and you will see the masses joining behind you
In the lead, masses will expect to see the key people of Hindu Dharm
You won’t be able to sit back and watch!

adharm' is glorified by those with vested interest

• Sometime in July 2004, one gentleman of very descent disposition came to my house to invite me for attending the discourses at BrahmaaKumaari Ishwareeya VishwVidyaalay
During the talks he mentioned that in BrahmaaKumaaris they do not confine themselves to religious narrowness
• He enquired if I knew that prophet Muhammad had started the practice of sacrificing goats on BakrId day as a symbol of sacrificing his ego
In turn, I asked him if he knew that Muhammad had himself, with his own hands, destroyed hundreds of idols of pagan gods at Kabba
To this he replied: What was wrong with it, since those idols could not protect themselves?
Hearing this, I said, sorry, if they teach you this at BrahmaaKumaaris then I have no desire to come and listen to them
• The question that surfaced my mind later is that if these idols were so helpless that they could not defend themselves, and that is what justified their destruction then, anyone who is weak should be destroyed by anyone who is powerful - is that the message?

The seed once planted keeps growing with time

This gentleman met me again two months later, and asked me to pay a visit sometime at his home. At that brief meeting for few minutes he mentioned of Azaan (call before Namaaz), and compared it to the sound of Om. I thought in my mind that this person has been incurably corrupted in association with the BrahmaaKumaaris.
• Now this incidence is of year 2004
About 25 years ago, that Swami had compared Azaan to the recitations of SaamVed, and that left a mark on the impressionable minds of his audience
And now it resurfaces as similar to Om!
So, you see the seed once planted keeps growing with time, and spreads into many branches!

Those in the lead who disarmed Hindus totally

• Gandhi had taught Hindus ईश्वर अल्लाह तेरे नाम Ishwar and Allah are your names, the names of the same God
Hindus took the bait but amongst Muslims there were no takers
• The question will remain to be answered whether he spread it out of his ignorance?
Or, did he do it on purpose to carve out an image for himself, that of a महात्मा ~ a great soul, sacrificing an entire community at the altar of his passion for becoming a Saint
Disregard what it might have been; the result was disastrous and quite far reaching
• With frequent overdose of his make-believe theory, which acted like opium, Gandhi led Hindu society into a coma, from which the community has not been able to come out as yet
When Gandhi was dead and gone, his lieutenant Nehru and his stooges kept injecting the opium whenever Hindu community showed any signs of coming out of that coma 

6 - Communism Marxism Secularism

Marxism that rose from the ashes of Christianity

• Oh, God ~ better, NO God!
Probably this was the thought on the minds of those people who saw the true face of the Bible God and Allah of Qur’an

• For them, rose a new messiah whose name was Karl Marx
He established a new religion called Communism
He maintained that his was not a religion
Yet, it had all the ingredients of a religion under the guise of being anti-religion

• It had been painfully carved out of “Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, minus God, plus money”
But people failed to perceive it that way because they looked at what had been shown to them, not what was kept out of their purview

Communism grew from the lands of Christianity

• Communism grew from the lands of Christianity, England and Germany, which were Christian nations
Any doubts that England and Germany were the lands of Christianity?

• Well, here are the facts
England was the only country in Europe, which did not find it necessary to kick out the Jesuits at one point of time or the other
Germany was the country, which made massive contributions to the Vatican
Germany is the country where church tax is deducted from salary of the employed

H G Wells: Almost every country in Europe except England had at one time or another been provoked to expel the Jesuits, and … their obdurate persistence in evildoing continues to this day. ISBN 81-85990-21-2, p 121 n

Obdurate - stubbornly refusing to change one’s opinion or course of action
Jesuit - a member of the Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic order of priests founded by St. Ignatius Loyola, St Francis Xavier, and others in 1534, to do missionary work. The order was zealous in opposing reformation. Despite periodic persecution it has retained an important influence in Catholic thought and education. Oxford Dictionary p 981

In 1944 alone the Nazi contribution to the Vatican amounted to over $100 million, worth nearly a billion and half in today’s values. The Vatican managed also to get a large share of the Nazi gold looted from the Jews of Europe during the Second World War. It is not widely known in BhaaratVarsh that some European countries - Germany in particular - levy a ‘church tax’ (Kirchensteuer) of about 2% on every wage earner. ISBN 81-85990-52-2, p 134

Background of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

• Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were both Germans by birth, and English by connection, thus, with a good Christian background
Marx was resident in England from 1849
Engels’s own writings include The Condition of the Working Classes in England in 1844

Marx, Karl (Heinrich) (1818-83), German political philosopher and economist, resident in England from 1849. The founder of the modern communism with Friedrich Engels, he collaborated with him in the writing of the Communist Manifesto (1848), and enlarged it into a series of books, most notably the three-volume Das Kapital. Oxford Dictionary, p 1137

Engels, Friedrich (1820-5), German socialist and political philosopher. He collaborated with Marx in the writing of the Communist Manifesto (1848), and translated and edited Marx’s later work. Engels’ own writings include The Condition of the Working Classes in England in 1844 (1845). Oxford Dictionary, p 611

Both of them had substantial Christian influence

• Both of them had substantial Christian influence on their character-buildup and psyche-formation
Both of them had been raised as Christians
During their formative years in life Christianity influenced their psyche
Through generations their family would have imbibed the traits of Christianity, and passed on those values to their following generations
Their characters were built up in Christian ways, shaped with Christian values

Later in life they may have come to hate Christianity

• As they grew up, they witnessed the 'dirty' face of Christianity of Old Testament and New Testament
They also looked at the ferocious face of Islam of Qur’an and HadIs
They were disillusioned with these religions, and they looked for an alternative
That is how Communism was born

USSR was the land of Christians before embracing Communism

• People of USSR, and all their East European allies, were all Christians for many generations
These people were born in Christian families, raised with Christian values; their psyche was oriented towards Christian way of thinking

People of USSR did not give up their inherent Christian traits

• People of USSR did not give up their inherent Christian traits overnight when they became a Communist nation
They could not have given up those traits overnight by becoming Communist
Christianity had gone into their genes, believe it or not
Scientists may challenge the choice of my words in this context but, if only they could understand what I am trying to imply, they would probably agree

Communism Marxism is a RELIGION in disguise

• Communism Marxism is a RELIGION in disguise, NOT an econo-political philosophy, which only happens to be its mask for greater appeal

Subconscious influence of Christianity

• Those who invented Communism--and those who practiced Communism--could not free themselves from the subconscious influence of Christianity
They all were born as Christians, raised as Christians, their psyche was made of Christianity, and their soul was Christianized
They tried very hard to remove themselves from the suffocating grip of Christianity but, in reality, they could not
• They spoke a lot against religion but their inner self was never out of clutches of Christianity
Like a ghost it always controlled their psyche and physical actions
In the process, they created out of themselves another very complex character, called Communists or Marxists

Communism rose from the ashes of Christianity

• Don’t be surprised to hear that Communism rose from the ashes of Christianity
They wanted very much to despise Christian God
So, Communism became Christianity minus God
They spoke of economics most of the time
As a result, Communism became Christianity minus God plus money
They misunderstood economics very well
Thus, theirs became a theory, which failed miserably in practice
In the process, they fooled themselves royally, as well as they fooled the world in their contagious stupidity
• In the final analysis, they turned out to be nothing but a corrupt and dirty version of Christianity
Their ugly monstrous face came to lime light, when the iron curtain of erstwhile USSR was lifted
They had retained all dirty characteristics of Christianity, they had taken them to newer heights, and they had perfected the art of keeping all that under the lid very effectively

Not a dream concept for classless society

• Do not be fooled that Communism is a dream concept for classless society with equal distribution of assets
Well that is all for talk and slogan mongering
These talks are oriented towards catching new fishes
After all, they have to grow in number to get some recognition!
• In reality, behind the curtain, all this is a facade very similar to that ‘Jesus is the Avataar of love’
That entire lie is to fool the masses
Having grown from the base of Christianity, Communists knew pretty well how to lie to the world effectively

Why Communism promoted the concept of ‘NO’ God?

• Communist gurus came to the erroneous conclusion that ‘all’ religions are bad, per se, after witnessing the ills of these religions that believe in “our God ~ only God”
It was their misfortune that they did not know enough about Hinduism, in which they could have found a liberating religion
• They had lots of misgivings about Hinduism
Christianity had already painted in their mind a totally unacceptable image of Hinduism
• In Judaism, Christianity and Islam, they saw the root of all ills in the belief “our God is the only God, and he is the killer God, he is the rapist God, and he is the destroyer God”

Humanity would be better-off without any such God

• When Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels saw the true character of Jewish God, Christian God, and Allah of Islam, they felt that humanity would be better-off without any such God
Therefore, they consigned God to the pages of history
As some Lakshmi Leo (or, Lobo?) once wrote to me (Email 2003): God is a historical concept!

What happens when you follow ‘NO’ god?

• You tend to lose any godly characteristic that any human may ever display
Power and money becomes your god
And, with power and money you tend to play god yourself
• Veterans know one natural weakness of their rank and file
They (veterans) know it pretty well that as humans these people (rank and file) cannot live without god
So, they (veterans) grab the opportunity, substitute god, and assume his (god’s) position
• Communism has all the negatives that a so-called religion may have, and that too in a rather accentuated degree, because here 'men and women' try to 'play God'
At the same time, it practically has no positives that a good religion may have to offer to the humanity

Why Communism is a “religion” though they would be ever ready to deny it?

• To understand this, let us look at the definition of religion and apply it to Communism
Religion the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods
Oxford Dictionary p 1567
• In this context, the Party takes the position of the superhuman controlling power in Communism, and those few who control the party, assume the position of the 'personal God or gods'
• This is why Communists treat God as a historical concept, having 'assumed the position of gods themselves', rewriting the history by their own whims and fancy, only to learn in the long run that they were nothing but a bunch of overconfident fools!

Secularism, in context of BhaaratVarsh

• An offshoot of Communism Marxism assumed a new name, Secularism, in context of BhaaratVarsh
• As Communists became an outcast in Christian dominated world, intellectually inclined people coined for themselves a new name Secularists
They identified themselves separately from the Communists ~ from those who were members of the Communist Party in one form or another
They tried to carve an identity separate from the political parties that carried any form of a Communist banner
But they could not free themselves from culture and values they had grown up with, and remained there somewhere dangling between earth and the sky, not knowing quite where their true place is!

Always pro-Christian, pro-Muslim, anti-Hindu

• What makes our Secularists all the time pro-Christian, and pro-Muslim, but always anti-Hindu?
I am speaking of Bhaaratiya self-proclaimed Secularists
They are always pro-Christian, pro-Muslim, and anti-Hindu that makes them a fraud in the name of Secularism because a true Secularist must be neutral towards all religions
• They should be fair and just towards their dealings with all religions
But they are not; they always take side, unfairly, and unjustly
This consistent behavior pattern amongst them makes them a fraud in the name of Secularism

Why do they display such characteristic?

• They are atheists
An atheist does not believe in any god
When it comes to taking sides, they can compromise with one god, but compromising with numerous gods is simply out of question for them
If the situation demands they would live with one god, whichever god it may be ~ they care little, but they find tolerating numerous gods simply impossible

Secularists or Atheists?

• An Atheist is one who does not believe in God
Then what a Secularist is?
Well, lets us listen to one of the celebrity Secularist, Intellectual, Editor, Author, Thinker (any amount of titles you add may be insufficient) Khushwant Singh who has a huge array of admirers
"He who doubts existence of God perishes,” wrote Bapu Gandhi. I count myself among doubters but I have not perished yet; as a matter of fact I’ve had longer innings than Bapu’s and I am still batting.
The Free Press Journal, Mumbai, 10 April 2005, Spectrum p 7
• Most of the time these types of characters take shelter under the title Secularist though their conducts reveal no touch with Secularism for miles together
When it comes to Hinduism, all these types of characters (disregard what they call themselves) have a common attitude that originates from the same trash can of which they are part of
These people are born on this Hindu land but they understand nothing of Hinduism
Products of Christian_English Education system, remolded by Marxist fancy-ism, they are the ones floating between heaven and earth deprived of their roots

Stop calling them as Secularists

• First we should stop calling them Secularists because they are NOT secularist
They are Atheist and we must learn to call our object with a name that identifies it correctly

What's in a name? There is plenty if you can understand basics

• Do not underestimate the impact of name
Without even your consciously noticing it, a name creates an image in your mind
• That image finds a secure place deep into your psyche
That deep seated image then builds your perceptions
These perceptions become your guiding factors
Those guiding factors then drive your thoughts and actions
• Who else would understand what is hidden in a name better than a Hindu?
I am referring to that Hindu who has understood why Ratnaakar dasyu रत्नाकर दस्यु could only utter “mara mara” मरा मरा, and gradually came to Raam Raam राम राम eventually to become the Maharshi Vaalmeeki महर्षि वाल्मीकि

Start calling them as Atheists

• When you will start calling them by their true identity, only then you will start realizing in a conscious manner that, their problem lies not in secularism but in atheism, one who does not believe in God
Then only you will come to realize that there is no point in wasting your energies trying to make them see Hindu point of view
• These atheists are lost causes
It will be a daunting task for you to make them believe in God
Only after that anything in Hinduism will make any sense to them

Do not waste your energy on these characters

• Why do you want to waste your energies after these handful few fools?
Just because you see them all around you and that too in good positions in bureaucracy, governance of the nation, academics, research institutions, judiciary, education policy makers, and everywhere?
• You are looking at that educated class because you come in direct conflict with them in ideology
They seem to you so many but simply count them
Then divide that number by total population
This is when you will realize why I call them handful few
• Instead, use your resources and energies towards the remaining masses who will understand the language of God

Evolutionism & Intellectual Luxury-ism

• These characters think Ishwar has no place in this Creation
They tend to believe in some kind of utopian theory that this universe came into existence by itself, and keeps running by itself
But they do not know how all that happens and they tend to believe that modern science will bare it all, not realizing how very little their venerated modern science knows about this universe

Los Angeles: A NASA telescope recently discovered evidence that the most violent part of the process in forming an earth-sized planet ... may last hundreds of millions of years ... scientists said on Monday at NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory in Pasadena, California. The Times of India, Mumbai, 20 Oct 2004, AP

• So their ignorant modern science is now guessing that formation of an earth size planet may take hundreds of millions of years, and the modern science has no count of how many planets are in the whole universe
Those who think that this all happens by itself are fools obsessed with a syndrome I call 'intellectual luxury-ism'
Their inflated intellectual ego does not allow them to admit how very insignificant they themselves are, in relation to this creation around them, not noticing the awesome magnitude, in terms of sheer time frame, involved in just one single phenomenon, that is, formation of planets in this universe!
• It does not occur to them:
What man does with technology, is simply a miniaturized version of, what Ishwar does on a mind boggling massive scale, which is simply beyond the reach of human imagination!
• It also does not occur to them:
That if they themselves were to produce Robots they will certainly keep a tab on their activity and on their production process
They will not allow Robots to generate themselves by accident and not know what all they are doing
Why then the Creator of Humans would allow things to happen by sheer accident in this Universe?
It is plain and simple logic that fails them

7 - Clash of Gods - God Brand 'X' vs. God Brand 'Y' vs. Many Gods

One God but different Brands

• What happens when you follow one god, and a particular brand of God?
You turn intolerant towards other peoples’ gods; you think your god is the only god, and the true god; you live with this foolish idea, not knowing god at all, and claiming to know him well enough!
• As Christians believed in one God, and that is only Bible God, they eliminated all civilizations that believed in many gods
They did not eliminate Islam because it believed in one God, like them, but they had been continually at war with Islam because they believe in yet another God
Even today what is happening between Osama Bin Laden and President Bush is nothing but same Zihaad and Crusade
Christians do not call it crusade because they have trained themselves well in hiding their true motives
Their words speak of one thing, their actions reveal another
Note: Bush had spoken of Crusade immediately after 9/11 if you remember but he was quick enough to retract
• However, they could not eliminate Hindu civilization, but they substantially corrupted it through imposed Christian education for past six generations
They have effectively destroyed the fabric of Hindu society
Death for idolaters
• When I started looking at Christian Bible, I learned it pronounces death for idolaters, like Hindus
That is why, these refugee Syrian Christians waited for thousand years, lived on Hindu hospitality and finally, when Vasco da Gama arrived in BhaaratVarsh with his ship and cannons, they approached him and pleaded him to wage war against Hindu king

Loyalty is one thing you should never expect of Christians

C B Firth: This time contemporary evidence is available in the form of five copper plates recording various grants to the Christians. ISBN 81-85990-21-2, p 47
Ishwar Sharan: They identified themselves, surrendered their ancient honors and documents, and invited him to make war on their Hindu king. ISBN 81-85990-21-2, p 64
George Menachery: They presented him a ‘Rod of Justice’ and swore allegiance to the Portuguese king. ISBN 81-85990-21-2, p 64
K M Panikkar: More than this, they suggested to [Vasco da Gama] that with their help he should conquer the Hindu kingdoms and invited him to build a fortress for this purpose in Cranganore. This was the recompense, which the Hindu rajas received for treating with liberality and kindness the Christians in their midst. ISBN 81-85990-21-2, p 65

• Persian King Shaapur II considered Christians a state liability and he was right
Hindu kings treated them as state guests and the guests betrayed their hosts even after thousand years of hospitality
Christian history is witness, what Christianity has made of Christians

Ishwar Sharan: The Syrians had of course acted on the exigencies of their Christian religion, which harbors in his heart a demon that divides mankind into friend and foe on ideological grounds. King Shaapur II of Persia had not been mistaken about the allegiances of his Christian subjects in the fourth century. ISBN 81-85990-21-2, p 65

Betrayal makes you a good candidate for sainthood in Christianity

• Christian Saint Francis Xavier took a large grant from Hindu king of Quilon to build churches, and then he converted entire villages into Christianity in one stroke, and then he got Hindu temples pulled down and got idols of Hindu gods destroyed, and he wrote to the Society of Jesus that he could not describe in words the joy he felt watching this happen

Sita Ram Goel: Xavier wrote in a letter to the Society of Jesus: Following the baptisms, the new Christians return to their homes and come back with their wives and families to be in their turn also prepared for baptism. After all have been baptized, I order that everywhere the temples of the false gods be pulled down and idols broken. I know not how to describe in words the joy I feel before the spectacle of pulling down and destroying the idols by the very people who formerly worshipped them. Xavier did this after the Hindu raja of Quilon had given him a large grant to build churches. ISBN 81-85990-21-2, p 80

• His acts made Xavier a Saint among Christians
Such people would have been loathed by Hindus
The two religions are so very opposite in their value system but many of you fail to see that
I wonder, is it out of your ignorance, or convenience, or self-deceptive nobility?
I guess only you would be able to answer what makes you turn your face away from the truth that stares at your face

Being bloodthirsty is in their blood

• Trying to promote their own brand of God they turn bloodthirsty
Teachings of Judaism, Christianity and Islam turn their followers worse than bloodthirsty animals
• Animals are known to attack when they are hungry or in self-defense
But human followers of these three religions surpass all of them
They do not need a provocation to seek blood of others
They simply love blood, and nothing else can quench their thirst
• It is an unending desire for them
As a result, when they lack enough inspiration to suck the blood of idol worshippers, they merrily engage themselves in getting after the blood of their blood brothers
Then they forget that they all relate to the same father called Abraham
Blood relation is no more important, blood sucking takes the precedence
• Here are a few samples picked up randomly from today’s newspaper
If you know what you are looking for, you will get plenty of such examples, if only you keep looking at daily newspaper

Islam vs. Islam

Widespread rioting in Pakistani town after suicide bomb blast: Sialkot: Angry Shi’ite Muslims set vehicles and the mayor’s office on fire in Pakistan’s eastern city of Sialkot on Saturday after a funeral procession to bury victims of a suicide bomb attack that killed 30 people, reports Reuters. The Free Press Journal, Mumbai, 3 October 2004

• And who were these suicide bombers?
They were their own blood brothers Muslims, but only difference, they were Sunni Muslims
So you see that regular blood bath is their favorite hobby, which they must engage in, from time to time, if they have no other victims to look for
And this is nothing new for them

Sunni Muslims of Al-Qaeda and Lashkar-e-Jangvi (LEJ) together carried out large scale massacre of Shia Muslims (Hazara tribe) in Afghanistan during Taliban rule from 1994 to October 2001, particularly after capture of Kabul in September 1996. Organizer, B Raman, 28 Sept 2004, p 17

Islam vs. Judaism

Palestine declares emergency following Israeli onslaught: Jerusalem: A state of emergency has been declared by Palestinian Authority as the latest onslaught by Israeli Defense Forces left over 50 Palestinians dead and more than 100 injured, reports PTI. The Palestinian leadership held an emergency meeting at Yasser Arafat’s Ramallah based headquarters where the PA Chairman demanded an immediate end to the ‘monstrous, criminal and humane attacks’ by Israel on the people. I call on the entire world to act immediately to stop the racist and criminal (attacks), he said. The Free Press Journal, Mumbai, 3 October 2004

• Well, well, they cry when it hurts
Now it becomes monstrous, criminal, inhumane, racist, and the entire world must interfere
• Where is that voice lost when Muslims keep killing Hindus in Kashmir?
Then it becomes Allah’s command!
• And why no mention by 1994 Nobel Peace Prize winner Arafat that it was his men who crossed a security fence of the Israeli border with Gaza near the Nahal Oz area in the western Negev, under thick fog that brought out the retaliation by Israeli forces?
Are all ethical standards meant for others, none for them to observe?
• Again here we see the descendants of the same Abraham, the blood brothers Jews and Muslims on loggerhead, seeking blood of each other
Would you still doubt that regular blood bath is not their hobby?

Many gods but no Brand

• What happens when you follow many gods, no specific brand for marketing God?
You turn tolerant towards other peoples’ gods
You live amicably with those who believe in different god
• Then, it is no more important if gods are different
What remains important is that god knows who you are worshipping disregard how you perceive Him!

No excuses please

• Before proceeding I would want to clarify something
Someone presented the argument (a) Hindus do not believe in many gods, (b) Hindus believe in many manifestations of one God, (c) Hindus worship many gods is a Western construct
• It is good for those 'few' who understand all this
Rest of the world perceives that Hindus worship many gods
Most Hindus, themselves, carry the same perception
• So, why become so defensive
And begin to explain to those who wouldn't understand?
• Theories are best understood by the learned
What almost everybody perceives happens to be the reality of the day
I write in that context and in their language
• So, I shall not attempt to find refuge in those explanations
I see no reason to be so low on self esteem
What my people believe-in is good enough for me
I would fight on that premise without playing with words like many manifestations, western construct, and so on
• I wouldn't even bother to claim that Hindus do not believe in many gods, when I know that every other person on the road will say - yes, I believe in many gods
It is the English educated book learned or the big time preacher who gets into these complexities for he has lost the simplicity of the common man on the road

Why Hindus believe in many gods and god with form?

• Hindus believe in many gods, because God who could create such an extraordinarily diverse universe, can easily assume any form He wants, at His will
He is under no compulsion 'to have' or 'not to have' a form
Besides, He can present Himself in 'as many' forms as He wants
• He has himself created humans, animals, birds, fishes, trees, and what not, just look around and you will see them
One who could create so many forms; can He not take that particular form for Himself?
Can He not present Himself in one of those forms if His devotee wants to see Him in that particular form, and if He is pleased with His devotee’s quality of devotion, and if He wishes to grant him the vision to see Him in the form of his choice? 

What is the result of such belief?

• As Hindu believes in many gods, he does not fight on Hindu god, Muslim god, and Christian god
For him, there are hundreds of gods, one more or one less does not make a difference to him
• That is why, when the first batch of refugee Syrian Christians arrived at Cranganore, Malabaar in BhaaratVarsh in the year 345 (running away from the religious persecution by Persian King Shaapur II who considered them a state liability) Hindu king not only gave them land to live but also to build church so that they could freely practice their own religion
• Similarly in Gujaraat, king SiddhRaja JaiSimh and his successors continued to provide Muslim trade settlers the opportunity to build mosques and freely practice their own religion, and as the inscriptions are witness, these things happened much before Gujaraat passed under Muslim rule after invasions of Ulugh Khan in 1299

“The protection provided by (Hindu) SiddhRaja JaiSimh to Muslims and their places of worship was continued by his successors in Gujaraat. The population of Muslims as well as their places of worship continued to multiply in several cities of Gujaraat, as is borne out by numerous inscriptions, particularly from Khambaat, JunaaGarh and Prabhaas Paatan, dated before Gujaraat passed under Muslim rule in the aftermath of Ulugh Khan’s invasion in AD 1299 ... It seems, however, that these “merchants, traders, seamen and missionaries” were not satisfied with the situation obtaining under Hindu rule. They kept looking forward to the day when the Daar al-Harb, that was Gujaraat, would become Daar al-Islam”. ISBN 81-85990-03-4, pp 35-36

Daar al-Harb - land of infidels (Hindus)
Daar al-Islam - land of the faithful (Muslims) 

8 - Hinduism

The pain in the neck for Christianity, Islam, Marxism / Communism, and in a hidden way for Jews

Not the same God

• Concept of God in Judaism and Christianity, and concept of Allah in Islam is NOT same as the concept of Bhagavaan or Ishwar in Hinduism
God of Judaism, God of Christianity, and Allah of Islam, each of them is a God full of hatred towards God of Hindus
Contrary to this, God of Hinduism is full of love towards God of any religion
They are essentially not the same God

No bookish excuses please

• Someone presented the argument that they are One and the same God, only people perceive them differently
Yes, do not forget that those very perceptions shape their thoughts and subsequent actions
Thus perceptions become real, and I deal with such realities
In the previous chapter we have seen how those very perceptions became reality in action
So, let us not indulge in intellectual luxuries for we have nothing better to do

Hindu values

Now let us get a feel of those Hindu Values that ChristianWorld has all along loathed

• Max Muller - I have left to the last of the witness who might otherwise have been suspected – I mean the Hindus themselves. The whole of their literature from one end to the other is pervaded by expressions of love and reverence for truth. ISBN 0-14-100437-1, p 59

Message: What you see below are not exceptions but the norms

• BhagavadGeeta 4:11, 9:29 - Whoever, by whatsoever path approaches me, I accept him for his salvation. All creatures great and small – I am equal to all; I hate none, nor have I any favorites. Those who worship other Gods with devotion, worship me. ISBN 81-85990-52-2, p 27

Message: Ishwar hates none, and He has no favorites

• Rig’Ved I.164.46 - Cosmic reality is one, but the wise perceive it in many ways: As Indr, Mitr, Varun, Agni, mighty Garutmat, Yam, and Matarisvan – the giver of breath. ISBN 81-85990-52-2, p 22
• Shivmahimna Stotr 3 - As numberless rivers following different paths – straight or zigzag – merge in the same ocean, so too the aspirants of various tastes and capacities reach thee through effort. ISBN 81-85990-52-2, p 27

Message: Different paths lead to God. This teaches us to respect other peoples’ gods

• Here you need to be clear about one thing
Ancient Hindu sages were not speaking of then nonexistent religions that claim only Allah is true God, or only Son of God Jesus is the sole middleman between God and man
• There are many of you who glorify Jesus in front of your own devotees but while doing so you forget that Jesus has made it amply clear
That none other than him can show the path to God
He is the only middleman between man and God
It is he who will negotiate with God for peoples’ salvation
• If you glorify Jesus then how can you claim to your devotees that you too are qualified to become the middleman between them and the God?
It seems, you remain so very busy in your business that you do not notice the fallacy in your teachings

• Rig’Ved I.89.1 - Let felicitous thoughts come to us from every source. ISBN 81-85990-52-2, p 26
• Rig’Ved III.62.10 Gaayatri Mantr - I pay homage to the supreme grandeur of the divine light, that it may inspire our intellect. ISBN 81-85990-52-2, p 24

Felicitous (core sense) well chosen or suited to the circumstances; (sub sense) pleasing and fortunate - Oxford Dictionary, p 673

Message: Let us not close our minds, let knowledge come to us from every source and inspire our intellect

• Taittriya Upanishad, BrahmaValli & BhriguValli, Shaanti Mantr - May the Lord protect us together! May He nourish us together! May we work together uniting our strength for the good of humanity! May our learning be luminous and purposeful! May we never hate one another! May there be peace, peace, and perfect peace. Chants of India, Pundit Ravi Shankar

NOT Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who happens to be a great admirer of Jesus, and also of the Pope who led Vatican into International Drug Money Laundering (see Christianity Vol. II for necessary evidence)

• Taittriya Aranyak, 4th Prashn, Pravargya Mantrs, 42nd Anuvaak - May there be peace on earth, peace in the ether, peace in the heaven, peace in all directions, peace in fire, peace in the air, peace in the sun, peace in the moon, peace in the constellations, peace in the waters, peace in the plants and herbs, peace in trees, peace towards cattle, peace towards goats, peace towards horses, peace towards mankind, peace in the absolute Brahm, peace in those who have attained Brahm, may there be peace, only peace. May that peace be in me, peace alone! Through that peace may I confirm peace in myself, and all bipeds, and quadrupeds! May there be peace in me, peace alone.
This is the central portion of the famous Maha Shaanti Mantr, the great prayer for peace. As well as the final Anuvaak of the Pravargya Mantr-s, it is also the Shaanti Mantr of the 5th Prashn of Taittriya Aranyak, which is the Brahmana for Pravargya. Chants of India, Pundit Ravi Shankar

Pravargya - A ceremony preliminary to the Som sacrifice. ISBN 81-208-0045-1, p 368

Anuvaak - A chapter of the Ved, a subdivision or section
Brahmana - Each of the four Ved has two distinct parts, Mantr and Brahmana
Mantr - words of prayer and adoration
Brahmana - directions for the details of the ceremonies at which the Mantr-s were to be used and explanations… ISBN 81-208-0065-6, p 38, p 1015

Sarve Sham (the traditional prayer) - May good befall all! May there be peace for all! May all be fit for perfection, and may all experience that which is auspicious. May all be happy! May all be healthy! May all experience what is good and let no one suffer. Chants of India, Pundit Ravi Shankar

Message: May God protect all and nourish all! May we be united and do well for humanity! May we never hate one another! May there be Peace Everywhere! May all be happy, healthy, no one suffer!

• Taittriya Upanishad, ShikshaaValli, 10th Anuvaak - Do not neglect your duties to the gods and your ancestors. May your mother be like a god unto you! May your father be like a god unto you! May your Guru be like a god unto you! May your guest be like a god unto you! Wherever you have observed faultless deeds performed, you should follow those alone, and no others. When you have seen us, your teachers, perform good actions follow those alone.
Commonly known as ShishyaAnushaasanam, this section contains the final Mantr-s of instruction given by the guru to his students as they prepare to leave the Aashram and enter the life of a householder. Chants of India, Pundit Ravi Shankar

Message: Respect your mother, father, guru, and guest; follow only their faultless deeds, not their faulty deeds.

• This world would have been a much better place to live, if only the ChristianWorld had learned to live by these Hindu values instead of condemning them!
But how could they have done so when their messiahs filled their heads and hearts with sense of hatred and enmity
Even if they had wished to do so, their messiahs, popes and saints wouldn't have allowed them [details in Christianity Vol. I & Volume II]

• BrihadAranyak Upanishad, 1st Adhyaay, 3rd Brahmana, 28th Mantr - O Lord! Please lead me from the unreal to the real. Lead me from darkness to light. Lead me from death to immortality. May there be peace, peace, and perfect peace! Chants of India, Pundit Ravi Shankar

Message: Lead me from this transitory world to God; release me from the cycle of birth & death


• In this context, immortality would mean freedom from cycle of birth and death.
If a person is not born, then he or she does not die
Our soul is not born again (encased in a body) after it dissolves in the Supreme Soul
That is what we call liberation or Moksh
Having attained Moksh, if we are not required to be born again, then we effectively become immortal


• In this context, unreal would mean transitory, and real would mean permanent
This world is transitory
Ishwar is permanent
Ishwar existed before this world came into existence
Ishwar will exist after this world ceases to be in existence

Please do not mislead your devotees

• Some of you love to tell your devotees that this world is not real and therefore, all they need to do is to develop their inner self as a service to the real
Impressed by your teachings, they turn indifferent towards this supposedly unreal world
These inwardly oriented individuals may be very Dhaarmic by themselves but they are equally indifferent towards adharm' that goes on around them unabated, as they feel no need to contain the spread of adharm' outside the realm of their own self
Therefore, please do not tell them this world is unreal
You can always tell them that this world is transitory, only God is permanent

Please understand the fundamental difference

• Look at it another way
It could be okay for ‘you’ but not for ‘everyone’ else, particularly the ‘householders’ whom you preach and show the path
You may have chosen that path where you want to perceive this world as unreal and that is fine with me
Go somewhere in solitude, give up everything else, and focus solely on Ishwar
• For God’s sake do not tell your householder devotees
They cannot live on other peoples’ charity as you do
They have to live their day-to-day life as every one else
They have to struggle with the compulsions of this world around them
They cannot renounce every thing and follow your way
• For them the world, and all its harshness, is a reality, and they cannot escape it
Similarly, they cannot escape the fact that there are carnivorous religions that are constantly working towards swallowing up Sanaatan Dharm Hinduism, slowly and steadily
They must understand this reality in order to be able to gear up themselves to face the impending threat to their religion which has so far irrigated and nourished their soul
If their religion dies then their soul too will die
• Look at Northeast BhaaratVarsh, where people had lived as Hindus, in the bounties of nature as peaceful tribes
Now they have been converted to Christianity and they have turned bloodthirsty (see Christianity Volume II)
They are destroying Hindu temples, raping Hindu devotees, killing Hindu priests (see Christianity Volume II)
Similarly those Hindus who had been converted into Islam many generations ago, they have been destroying Hindu temples in Pakistan and BanglaDesh, raping Hindu women and girls, killing Hindu men and women and children on a regular basis (see Muslim Dominated BhaaratVarsh)
After conversion their souls have died [figuratively speaking]

Holy Bible vs. Manu Smriti

• Let us recapitulate the Laws of Bible God as documented in the Old Testament:
Violently kill their children in front of their eyes, destroy their houses, and rape their wives
Kill their every little male child, kill their women, but keep their virgins alive for yourself, so that they can later give birth to many more like you
Spare not the babies sucking mother’s milk, and old men of gray hair with their one foot in the grave
Follow these laws as long as you live on this earth, never ever forget them, and practice them religiously
• Now let us compare the Laws of Bible God with the Laws of Manu as documented in ManuSmriti and examine why Christian educators, historians and missionaries systematically tarnished the image of ManuSmriti and what was their motive behind that conspiracy which methodically built an image opposite of the truth

Manu Smriti

Manu - The archetypal first man of Hindu mythology, survivor of the great flood and father of the human race. He is also the legendary author of one of the most famous codes of the Hindu law, the ManuSmriti [Laws of Manu], composed in Sanskrit Archetypal very typical of a certain kind of a person or thing. Oxford Dictionary, p 1127, p 86

ManuSmriti 7:90 When a King fights with his foe in battle, he should not strike with weapons which are concealed, barbed, poisoned, or the points of which are blazing with fire. ISBN 81-900400-4-9, p 25

Message: ManuSmriti instructs a king not to use concealed weapons, barbed weapons, poisoned weapons, or weapons with blazing fire. It has to be man to man fight, battle of bravery and strength

Hindus and guns and cannons

• For Hindus, technology was not meant for mass killing
That is why they did not develop guns
A race that could develop the technology for creating an alloy, which could withstand tyranny of weather for over thousand years without a trace of rusting, do you think that race could not have developed guns and cannons?
They did not because these were restricted weaponry for mass destruction, which used blazing fire
Here, I am referring to the alloy used in that huge metallic tower (iron pillar) Garur’Dhwaj, which stands close to Kutub Minaar of Delhi. On this tower, we find even today, Sanskrit inscription in Braahmi script
The Sanskrit inscription in Braahmi script on the non-rusting iron pillar close by proclaims that ... The iron pillar was the Garud Dhwaj alias Garud Stambh, i.e., the sentinel post of the Vishnu temple.
http://www.hindunet.org/hindu_history/modern/kutub_oak.html, website last verified on 7 June 2004

Manu Smriti

ManuSmriti 7:91 Let the King not strike one who in flight and fear has climbed around, not a eunuch, nor one who joins the palms of his hands in supplication, nor one who flees with flying hair, nor one who sits down, nor one who says, “I am thine.” 7:92 Nor one who sleeps, nor one who has lost his coat of mail (armor), nor one who is naked, nor one who is disarmed, nor one who looks on without taking part in the fight, nor one who is fighting with another foe; 7:93 Nor one whose weapons are broken, who is afflicted with sorrow, who has been grievously wounded, who is terrified, nor one who is running away; he should remember the rule of conduct of an honorable warrior. ISBN 81-900400-4-9, p 25

Coat of mail a jacket covered with or composed of metal rings or plates, serving as armor - Oxford Dictionary, p 351

Message: ManuSmriti instructs a king not to strike an enemy who is running away for life, one whom fear has engulfed, one who seeks pardon, one who surrenders, an eunuch, one who is in sleep, one who has lost his armor, one who is naked (example: while bathing), one who is disarmed, one who is not taking part in the fight, one who is fighting with another person, one whose weapons are broken, one who is in sorrow, one who is very badly wounded, one who is terrified.

• ManuSmriti instructs Hindu king to fight the battle of an honorable warrior, not of a savage one
For Hindus, each day’s battle ended with sunset, and the next day’s battle began with the sunrise
Muslims and Christians did not fight a battle of honorable warrior
• Following this Law, PrithviRaaj Chauhaan allowed another life to fleeing Muhammad Ghori
That Ghori, ungrateful, following barbaric Islamic laws returned, captured PrithviRaaj Chauhaan by cheating, imprisoned him, and then shoved fire rods into his eyes (1)
However, our Christianized_Hindus (in other words, Hindus raised by Christian education) fail to understand this, because what has clouded their mind and thought process is the Christian motto 'Survival of the Cunning'
Our Christianized_Hindus have come to accept that concept as more important in life than being humans
• As we saw Hindu ManuSmriti instructs you to behave like humans even at war, not like barbarians
Christian Bible instructs you to behave like barbarians, and so does the Qur’an
• Ask yourself: would this world have been a better place to live if Muslims and Christians fought by the code of conduct as instituted by Hindu Manu?
Present day Hindus raised by Christianized education system are thoroughly ignorant of nobler Hindu thought process, and they argue in favor of barbaric Christian ways

Here is an example. On 21 Jan 2004, I received a newsletter from IndiaCause of USA reproducing an article by one Ph D talking of some kind of ‘PrithviRaaj Syndrome’ describing it as follows:

“In the modern context, the defeat of PrithviRaaj Chauhaan in the hands of Muhammad Ghori is one of being outwitted by an opponent. This eventual defeat was preceded by PrithviRaaj’s inability to understand the enemy and letting the enemy live to fight the other day on numerous (sic.) occasions”.

• First of all, there were no 'numerous' occasions
It only indicates at ignorance of history of BhaaratVarsh
As much as ignorance of Hindu values at war
• There was simply one occasion
Muizz-ud-din Muhammad bin Sam, commonly known as Shahab-ud-din Muhammad Ghuri, had his defeat in the first battle of Tarain in 1191 at the hands of Prithvi Raj Chauhan
He came back in 1192 and defeated Raj Chauhan in the second battle of Tarain
• PrithviRaaj fought by Hindu norms of the land
That enemy was on his knees, seeking pardon. That enemy was apparently in no condition to fight the valor of PrithviRaaj. That enemy was running away for his life and his men’s lives [note: dramatized for impact].
• Was PrithviRaaj raised on barbaric principles that such enemy must be killed?
PrithviRaaj had not been taught the barbaric thought processes that other Aasuric religions had evolved living away from this Hindu land
• Our Christianized_Hindu PhD today sits on judgment and equates wit with cunningness, implying cunningness as a virtue and straightforwardness as foolishness
Does our Christianized_Hindu PhD not realize that world would have been a much better place to live if these Aasuric Religions were taught the laws of warfare according to Hindu ManuSmriti?
And, he looks down at them and names it PrithviRaaj Syndrome!
• It comes from ignorance of Hindu Laws that had been evolved around the concept of humanity
Are these Christians and Christianized_Hindus fit to pass value judgments on Hinduism?
Are they worthy of sitting on judgment about Hindus and Hinduism?
• Is it not quite obvious that while ManuSmriti is civilized, compassionate and humane, the Bible is barbaric and Aasuric?
ChristianWorld has lot to learn from Hinduism but that can happen only when it frees itself from the suffocating grip of this Aasuric religion called Christianity!
• Do yourself a favor and ask yourself a question, why did Christian missionaries, university professors, thinkers and philosophers malign Hindu ManuSmriti so much?
Was it out of a deep-rooted sense of insecurity that, if the two were to be compared on same footing, the Christian Bible would look like a creation of savage people of stone age, who never graduated from their animal instincts?
• Aren’t animals far better?
Animals certainly do not rape women who worship other gods, but Bible teaches Christians to do that!
Animals do not kill infants unless they are very hungry, and there are no grown ups left, but Bible teaches Christians to do that!
• Great teachings, aren’t these?
Your Hindu children will derive great moral values from those teachings of Christianity, as they will grow up to become Christianized_Hindus ~ won’t they?
You should have as much Christian influence on your children as you can, shouldn’t you?
Isn’t it why you love to send your children to English-medium Christian schools, so that they can turnout to be good Hindu-born-Christian-influenced citizens of the future?
All they have learned is to be ashamed of their ancestors rather than being proud of them.
• Would you think that time hasn’t yet come to review your preferences? 

9 - To whom will Hindu listen?

• Hindu child listens to the schoolteacher
Hindu adult listens to spiritual guru

Schoolteacher dares not tell the truth out of the fear of loosing job, or
Does not tell the truth for s/he knows not what the truth is

Same is the case with the preachers and gurus except a few
Either ignorance envelopes them, or does their other interests in this Christianized-World
• Protecting Dharm--resisting adharm', bringing common man and woman closer to the truth--whose prime responsibility it is?
Whose duty it is?
If not of the educators, preachers, and gurus?
• Preachers, gurus must acquire the courage to tell the brutal truth to their devotees
They must prepare Hindus to stand up against adharm'
For that, they need to tell Hindus about the true nature of some of the Aasuric religions

Hindu spiritual gurus have a responsibility towards their SoulMother Sanaatan Dharm Hinduism
They must decide how long they want to stay in the shelter of their dens before they gather necessary courage to deliver the truth

10 - The Eternal Debate

Is God with form or is he formless?

• When human is not formless, how can he or she fall in love with something that is formless?
Would you love your child if it were to be formless?
Why do you want to have a photograph of your dead child?
Is it that you need a ‘form’ to relate with, and feel human, and the photograph serves that purpose?
• Why is it that Jesus and Muhammad insisted upon God without form in those days when rest of the humanity mostly worshipped God with form?
Idol worshipping was common everywhere, in those days, not only in BhaaratVarsh.
Europe was pagan, and so was Arabia
• These two prophets understood well the human need for associating itself with some form, whatever it may be, because human himself (or herself) is with form.
These two messiahs themselves wanted to occupy the position of god
The only way to accomplish that was to eliminate the god with form and substitute him without form
Once the god would turn formless, human would find it difficult to relate himself or herself directly with that formless entity
This would pave the way for the only middleman in picture, namely Jesus or Muhammad
• Is this why Jesus and Muhammad eliminated the god with form?
Did they realize that once god became formless there would be a vacuum?
Then, human would instinctively look for an alternative which had form.
What better alternative would they find other than Jesus and Muhammad themselves!
• Thus, these two prophets would assume the importance that the god with form had so far enjoyed
Yet they needed the concept of God, because keeping Him in the backyard they could enjoy the fruits of human following
They must be amused now in their graves thinking that they fooled the world, and these human fools took the bait!
• Did it ever occur to you that the Creator who could create someone with your face, someone with my face, can also create Himself with the face of Shri Ganesh, whom the Christian world calls elephant-headed Hindu god?
Do you think it is not possible for Him to do so?
• Did it occur to you that if the Creator who could create the sky which has no specific form, the air which has no specific form, He can also create Himself with no specific form?
• Why do you have to think of Him as energy?
Is it because Einstein has popularized the theory of relativity, and every other pundit on Hindu spirituality (example: Paramahansa Yogananda) must quote E=mc2 as if they need approval of modern science?
Or, is it because science fictions have popularized the idea, and it would be readily acceptable to the masses?
Or, is it because you do not know what God is like, so it is safer to leave Him un-described or described in some obscure manner that you will not be asked to prove?
• Why is it that you must bind Him (God) in some kind of expression, be it energy or anything for that matter?
• Just understand this simple thing:
One who could create numerous forms and no forms, can Himself take the shape of any form or no form!
Would you need a vast degree of intelligence to understand this simple explanation?

Debate forever

Question: You say God has no form ~ How do you know?
Answer: I have direct experience God ~ I know it very well that He has no form
Q: What makes you think that you have direct experience of God?
A: Well, you have to take my word for it
Q: OK, how did you recognize Him?
A: He was like light - pure energy
Q: But, how could you be so sure that it was Him?
A: Well, I know that for sure
Q: Did you want to see Him as light, so He showed up like light?
A: No, He is like light, and that is why He showed up like light
Q: How, do you know that He is like light?
A: Well, I do
Q: How can ‘I’ know that He is like light?
A: Well, you have to rise to my level and then you can
Q: What is your level?
A: That you will know when you reach there

The litmus test

Question: You say God has form ~ Fine, how do you know?
Answer: Well, I saw Him
Q: How did He look like?
A: I had only one wish in my life, before I give up this body
Q: What was that?
A: I wanted to see Him with all my senses active
Q: Did you?
A: Yes, I did
Q: How did you recognize that it was Him?
A: I had always wished that I see Him in form of Naaraayan
Q: Did you?
A: Yes, I did

Attaining God

• Falling in love with God to the exclusion of everything else is a very important part of attaining God
However, it is not easy to fall in love with God to the exclusion of everything else
Therefore, loving God may suffice as a start
• The question is how do you love God?
It would be easier for you to understand if we go back to our analogy of loving our child
Your child has a face and a body
You are able to relate yourself to that face and the body
Of course, you also relate to child’s soul but not as much consciously as you do to child’s face and body
• Again, the face is very important
If it were a faceless body, it would have been very difficult for you to relate yourself to that child
Suppose, I bring you a body of a child without face, and tell you that it is your child, keep it, love it, and nourish it - how would you feel when you could not identify your child with its face?
• Same is the case with loving God
You need a face and a body to love the object
And here that object is God

Formless God

• Suppose your child was nothing but blank air how would you feel?
• Suppose your child was a mass of light how would you feel?
• You love with your heart, not with your head
And, to love your child or to love God, in either case, you need your heart to support you
• Idols of gods fill in that vacuum, a vacuum that is often created by visualizing formless God as if it were blank air or a mass of light
Using idols you give a body and more importantly a face to your loving one, in this case the God

God with many forms

• Numerous idols with numerous faces only reflect on numerous ways God has revealed Himself through this creation
God is the Artist of that canvas, which we call as the Universe
Look at the amazing variety of beauty around you
Look at the stark contrast that you perceive as ugliness, which happens to be yet another variety of beauty, only of the opposite variety
Look at the numerous forms of cruelty, as well as various shades of love around you
All these conflicting traits are part of this creation
And the Creator of all these traits is the One whom we identify as God
So, what’s wrong in depicting God in various forms?
Human is just an artist as God is
So, he tries to depict God in various forms

Numerous gods

• When you have before you a choice of large array of different aspects of God, it is easier for you to elect the one with which you relate yourself with ease
That election often depends on the nature of your inner self
• You need to understand this simple fact of life
A face and a body in form of an idol help you to relate more easily with one of the aspects of the God
You can ignore this fact only to your own disadvantage
• An idol helps you to relate yourself to God directly without calling in for services of middlemen like Jesus, Muhammad, and a Guru
And in the final analysis, no Jesus, no Muhammad, no Guru will be able to help you attain God
At best they can prepare you for their respective brands of God
• It is Ishwar (God) Himself, who will become your Guru, and show you the final approach to Him, when He is pleased with your devotion towards Him

गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णुः गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः।
गुरुस्साक्षात परं ब्रह्म तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः।।

This means the Guru is none other than Brahma, He verily is Vishnu and He truly is the Maheshwar. He is the Supreme Spirit Himself. To such a Guru I offer my salutations.
Here Brahm is the Supreme Spirit; Brahma is Brahm as the Creator; Vishnu is Brahm as the Preserver; Maheshwar is Brahm as the annihilator, who triggers dissolution process to pave way for another creation.
• This is my limited expression of the unlimited!
He is my Guru ~ He had been my source of inspiration!
I perceive Him as Naaraayan!
He is Gunaateet गुणातीत beyond the limitations of three गुण - सत, रज, तम

Author Profile

How I looked at different Religions

I was born as a Hindu, I am a Hindu, and I wish to die as a Hindu.
I found my Isht'Dev Shri SiddhiVinaayak Gan’Pati wherever I went - be it a temple, a mosque, a church, or a synagogue.
I went inside a Mosque in Shaarjaah with my Pakistani driver Malik and prayed there sitting by the side of him. In the house of Tanzaanian-Omaani Hamoud Hamdoun bin Muhammad, I had my meals from the same huge plate, as Muslims traditionally do, practically as one of the members of his family. I shared his grief visiting mosque with him after the death of one of his close relative.
I had been present at a mass held at a Catholic Church in Mumbai. I heard the sermon given at a Protestant Church in Canada. I visited Jewish Synagogue and Paarsi Temple in Mumbai. I attended meditation at Buddhist temple in Canada.
I did so being a Hindu who believes: (1) God is One (2) people perceive Him differently (3) every one is free to follow his/her chosen path.

In a make-believe world of Religious Equality

A Hindu does not think in terms of “my God is the only true God and all other gods are false gods” like a Jew, a Christian or a Muslim thinks. Disregard where I lived, be it Hindu BhaaratVarsh or Muslim Middle East or Muslim Far East or Christian West, I looked at all religions equally.
I never felt any difference between a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian when I hired throughout my career Hindus, Muslims and Christians. It was purely a question of who appeared to be the best suited for the job on hand.
I was not yet organized to think in terms of religious divides because I was ignorant of religious teachings of different religions. I lived in a make believe world of religious equality.
I had not yet learned the bitter truth because I had not yet felt the need to study different religions myself. I had remained happy simply believing those who taught or preached or wrote that all religions are equal and they all teach love and peace!
I did not know that they did so out of their profound ignorance about other religions or to protect their own vested interests.

Face to face with Reality

Much later in life I sat down to study the teachings of different religions and I discovered how well those teachings reflected in the thought process and real life conducts of their followers.
To my dismay I uncovered how each religion shaped the history and the current events. I noticed a direct correlation between the religion, history and current events. The message was loud and clear: we can ignore these findings only to our detriment.
As long as I remained unaware of these facts, I remained happy. Once I faced the truth, a storm rose at the horizon of my emotions. By the time peace regained around the volcanic eruption, a lot was left behind.

No affiliations

I am not a member of any organization, political party, or religious order. I do not wish to be one because I do not wish to be tied down by organizational compulsions.
I am a writer, not an activist, and I would want to remain that way. I do not wish to attend any public meeting of any kind.
I have no political aspiration of any kind whatsoever.

Family background

I was born in a family which has had spiritual tradition and higher learning for several generations.
My father was a gold-medalist engineer. Grandfather was a physician. Great-grandfather was an educationist and writer. Great-great-grandfather had become a Yogi after renouncing his business.
My maternal Grandfather was an eminent surgeon. Being the first child of my parents, I was born, as per tradition, in the house of my maternal Grandfather at Bankura, West Bengal on 25 January 1952.
I come from a Hindu Bengali family. I have been an ardent devotee of RaamKrishno ParomHanso Deb (Sri RaamKrishn ParamHans Dev).

Educational & Professional background

With a university degree and three professional qualifications from BhaaratVarsh and overseas, I have had the opportunity of managing a very wide range of functions pertaining to many disciplines at sufficiently senior levels in corporate sector in several countries.
I also had an opportunity to work in direct contact with people belonging to twenty different nationalities during this period and getting to know those people reasonably enough.
After untiring work for quarter of a century, I have now retired to seclusion.

Demise of Personal Ambitions

By the Grace of Shri Naaraayan my personal ambitions and worldly desires have been fulfilled, and I do not seek any thing in return for my time and labor, not even recognition. For this reason, I wish to stay aloof and stay focused at my work alone.

For whom my works are

My work is meant only for those people who understand its value. For other people it is simply garbage. I have no desire to waste my time and energy debating with such people and convince them.
Not many people will appreciate the significance of my works until the water reaches up to the neck and the threat of drowning becomes imminent.
Nevertheless, my work has to go on with total dedication by surrendering the outcome of my efforts to the sole discretion of my Aaraadhya Shri Naaraayan. Today, this is my "worship".


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ISBN 81-900400-4-9 [2000] Prof G C Asnani, Selections from Hindu Scriptures - Manu Smriti
Chants of India, Pundit Ravi Shankar, Angel Records, 2002
Hindu Voice, a monthly magazine espousing cause of Hinduism, Mumbai
IndiaCause Newsletter - http://www.IndiaCause.com
Ram Swarup, Understanding Islam through HadIs: Religious Faith or Fanaticism, Exposition Press, Smithtown, New York, web version, www.bharatvani.org


Index can be found in the physical copy of the book.

Common Hindu is unaware of many things. So much information has been withheld from him to protect vested interests. This is becoming increasingly dangerous for Hindu. If you feel the need to protect the interests of your coming generations then you may want to circulate this book among the Hindus. If you have the ability to get this book published at your cost then you can write to me. If you have the resources to get this book translated in any regional language for publishing you can write to me.

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Indite = write, compose
Accolade = praise or an award for an achievement that people admire

Shri K Murali of Kochi introduced this work to Shri Narendra Devadas. Thereafter, Shri Devadas not only purchased large number of copies of this work, but also sponsored publication of Book 11 on Varn Vyavastha, and distribution of Book 07 on History to the libraries of various educational institutions in India.

Dr T N Ramachandran is a distinguished scholar of repute. My work was introduced to him by Sri G P Srinivasan of Trichy.

Swami Devananda Saraswati was not born as a Hindu. He was born in the Americas of white parents. His father was a Christian priest in a Christian church. He left his home early and traveled a great part of the world. I mention of white parents because I have noticed an inferiority complex among browns that makes them look up to whites with awe and their word seems to carry more weight. But, this expression ‘white skin’ is in no way derogatory, nor it undermines his work for Hinduism. You will find plenty of references to his work in my other publication: Christianity in a different Light - Face behind the Mask. I was introduced to him by Sri G P Srinivasan of Trichy.

My other work Christianity in a different Light - Face behind the Mask was introduced to Shri Prabhakar by Swamini Amma Pramananda Saraswati. Thereafter, Shri Prabhakar sponsored 3rd edition of Christianity in a different Light and 1st and 2nd editions of Tamil version of Judaism Christianity Islam Communism Hinduism.

If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed

But then, the vast majority of our spiritual gurus do not have the conviction and the needed courage

...celebrities love to promote these cooked interpretations and it has been published with prominent media coverage  and

...trying to locate (or, fabricate?) some kind of divine meaning hidden behind it

For Swastik and Aarya (Aryan) stuff has been long connected to Hinduism

PrithviRaaj Syndrome and Parrot Humanoid Syndrome


Marxism - The political and economic theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, later developed as the basis for communism.
Communism - A political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned
Socialism - (in Marxist theory) A transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism.
Atheism - The theory or belief that God does not exist.

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