7 - Do Your History Textbooks Tell You These Facts? (28-11-2004)

You may want to Ignore the relationship between Past, Present and Future but only to your Detriment

Subject categories: 
(1) Indian history and suppressed Facts
(2) History of ancient India vis-a-vis British India
(3) Hindoo society under influence of Hindoo educators
(4) Hindoo society under influence of Christian educators
(5) Political science (6) Sociology (7) Psychology (8) Islam
 ISBN 978-81-89746-07-0 / ISBN 978-81-89990-15-2
edn 1 - Nov 2004 - 108 pages | enlarged edn 2 - Apr 2005 - 144 pages | enlarged edn 3 - Jun 2005 - 248 pages | Seed 2 - Apr 2008 - 259 pages
illustrated edn 4 - 2009 - part 1 & 2 (not in print as yet, available only on the Internet)
Part I - What Hindoo Society Was Like When Hindoo Braahman was the Educator of Hindoo Society 
Part II - How Low Hindoo Society Stooped When Christian Missionaries Displaced Hindoo Braahmans and Took the Reins of Hindoo Society as the Educators

Book Reviews

During past ten years that I have been writing books, I have never approached any one (individual or organization) to review my works.
Those who voluntarily sent their letters of appreciation or communicated it over phone, I have simply placed their feelings on record.
Among them, many words of appreciations received over phone have remained unrecorded.

108-page 1st edition of Nov.2004

Nivedita B, Vice President, Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari, Email February 2005
Please send 50 copies to our school at Dibrugarh, Assam, with your invoice
Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Thapovanam, TN, Letter February 2005 
It has very good and needed insight, needed very much if we want Hindu Sanaatan Dharm to survive monotheism and ‘modernity’. May your work reach many people!!
Sw Dayananda Saraswati, Rishikesh, Phone somewhere around Feb/Mar 2005 
I am reading your book. When will Part-2 come? Can you join a meet of intellectuals at Bhopal[3] where people like Arun Shourie, etc. will come?
Sw. Devananda Saraswati (70+), Tiruvannmalai, TN, Letter Dec 2004 on Ed 1 Pgs 108
It has a good tone and is well organized

248-page 3rd edition of June 2005

Secretary Swami, Ramakrishna Mission, Along West Siang, Arunachal Pradesh, Phone May 2006 on 248-page 3rd edition 
Can you please send us 40 copies[1] along with your invoice?
Shri Anand Shankar Pandya, Mumbai, Phone 16-4-2006 on 248-page 3rd edition 
I am sending a list of various university libraries and college libraries. Please send them a copy at my cost
Narendra Devadas, California, USA, Phone 8-2-2006 on 248-page 3rd edition
Please send a copy to the libraries of various educational institutions at my cost
Shri Pratyay Rakhit[2], Hoogly, WB, Letter 29-9-2005 on 248-page 3rd edition
Perhaps you have taken up a Cause that was long over due. It seems to be very difficult a task to convince or reach the message, and let them know the truth about themselves. But that is the way every writer has to do. I wish you all success in your endeavors. Best of luck.
Dr T N Ramachandran, Thanjavur, TN, A distinguished scholar, Letter 24-6-2005 on 248-page 3rd edition
May Lord Siva bless you in all your lawful undertakings

The Book

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