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Expect this to happen to you when you live in Muslim dominated BhaaratVarsh'

If You do not fight for your rights, no one else will

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(3) Comparative study into Hindoo and Muslim thought process (4) Truth that hides itself behind the smoke screen 
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Written during Dec.2004 but publication was withheld hoping to expand it - when that did not happen for a year, it was published in Nov.2005
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December 2004


You have read, in my other publications, what India under Muslim Rule was like. Whatever little you have seen there may have left a bad taste in your mouth.

Many of you may think that it is all matter of past. It happened then but it would not happen now. After all, you hear these days so much about positive thinking and also about the need to avoid negative thoughts. And you have also been taught that civilization has progressed and we have better outlook towards humanity now than they had in earlier days.

To many of you the past is past. Let us not waste our time and energy on what happened during bygone days. “We must forget the past and build a new tomorrow” is the slogan that you will like to believe in.

Have you heard that history repeats itself? Do you believe in it? Have you studied history honestly enough? Have you had honest guides as your teachers and professors who systematically demonstrated to you whether history repeats itself or not?

Anyway, I would not want to go into those endless debates. I have a simpler approach that would appeal to your common sense. You need not be a scholar of history. You will know what is what if you only trust your own ability to judge.

You have read what happened in the past. Now you read what is happening these days. You see for yourself whether there is a consistency or not. Examine by yourself whether there is a clear cut pattern or not. Compare what happened before with what is happening now. Check if it is practically the same as before. Decide for yourself whether history repeats itself or not.

Once you are clear about this you will know what to expect in future. Your own judgment will tell you what to guard against. After all, your children are dear to you and their future and safety is your concern!

This may be in store for you

You have been reading about illegal migration from BanglaDesh. First stop thinking of them as Bangladeshis. Nationality is of no consequence.

If you have read my other publications you would have known why I keep cautioning you not to think in terms of nationalities or continentality like British, German, European, American, etc. These descriptions are very deceptive. They do not allow you to look beyond certain boundaries. Your vision does not penetrate beyond those barriers. You miss to identify the true culprit. The true driving force behind all their conducts remains hidden behind masks created by those images that you carry in your mind when you think of people as British, German, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and so on. This is particularly true in today’s context.


There is excessive effort these days towards avoiding to identify people with their religion. For instance, in Canada, when you apply for a job you do not mention your religion anywhere in your resume. And the employer cannot ask you what is your religion. It is forbidden by the laws of Canada. It helps to some extent elimination of candidates on the basis of religion at short listing stage. I say ‘to some extent’ because the name does reveal a lot about what we are trying to hide. But then people have become smarter. They change their name to Francis, Albert and so on. What happens when the candidate faces the interviewer in person? Do you think that a seasoned interviewer will still be fooled by names like Sean, Pauline, etc.?

However, it does serve one purpose. They can advertise that they are beyond petty mentalities drawn by religious leanings or they can boast that everyone is equal to them disregard birth, religion, nationality, etc. This has become a fad today in the Western world which loves to portray itself with a clean face, a beautiful face, an acceptable face, a face of equality and care.


We the so-called backward [more respectable term developing world] people look up to them with awe and think how much they have advanced, not only technologically but also in their thinking, their sense of ethics, their emphasis on equality, so much so that you can even call your boss by first name and he does not mind coming and sitting on your table and chatting with you. This is all very good until you cross certain unwritten barriers. Those barriers are in the minds of both and neither is supposed to forget them. Only the weight of your personality can break those barriers. And, if you possess such weight of character then you can carry it anywhere in the world disregard whether it is Christian West or Muslim Middle East or Muslim Far East or Hindu BhaaratVarsh. I tell you this from first hand experience.

With repeated exhibition of such beautiful face we, the developing people, admiringly think of them as part of the modern world and rarely it transpires our minds that in reality it is the ChristianWorld. We rarely ever perceive USA as a Christian country, we view them as secular nation.

So this very thought of separating religion from nationality does not allow us to examine their conducts if at all they have any religious bias behind the secular mask. We continue to view their conducts as that of Americans, British or that of Germans, French and so on.


Why do I give you these examples from the ChristianWorld when I am supposed to be speaking of MuslimWorld? I have a reason. Lot about MuslimWorld is apparent to you so I need not tell you much. It is the ChristianWorld that eludes you. So I give you examples from their world to tell you, look, this is what you rarely think of, and yet it is true. And, if the masked one is true then think of the magnitude of truth in the apparent one. Do not take that one lightly just because that happens to be obvious. When you think of something as obvious you may tend to overlook the enormous force hidden behind it. Here I refer to the destructive force.


Now I turn my attention towards the MuslimWorld. First thing you must realize that there is no point evaluating human conduct without a proper and adequate understanding of the religion which shapes their thought process. Therefore I invite you to read at least the chapter on Islam in Judaism Christianity Islam Secularism Hinduism. It brings you face to face with those core teachings of Qur’an that help build the attitude of a common Muslim towards the Hindus.

One thing you must know that Muslims are much more attached to their religion as compared to we Hindus and they read Qur’an more regularly than we read Raamaayan or BhagavadGeeta. We have many books on religion and not all Hindus read the same book but as for Muslims they have only two books: one Qur’an and the other HadIs (which describe in great detail the conducts of Prophet Muhammad).

Muslims read those two books again and again, over and again, so much that what is written there becomes their second nature but that nature remains hidden under the mask of polite face so long they are not in sufficient number to reveal their hidden character.


Do not get swayed by those lovely movies that portray one Muslim saving the life of a Hindu. Those instances, wherever true, are exceptions. What you need to realize is that such exceptions well treated by a crafty director can make a good story line and moving theme which will move Hindus but not the Muslims because Qur’an and HadIs that they read regularly tells them the opposite every day. Beware of such deceptive literature and media exposures and please do not take them seriously. Instead, look at their conducts that are documented by limited few and deliberately kept under the lid by the most. (related: Islam & Muslims (collections from various sources)


You keep reading about what is happening in Kashmir these days. I need not repeat all that here. Though you hardly come to know what has truly been happening there. The reason is simple. The English language media which controls and distributes news is anti-Hindu. Why it is anti-Hindu that I have discussed in adequate depth in my other works.

The information that I shall present you with now, is based on certain regional language newspapers from BanglaDesh. Their names are Aikota (meaning unity), Aajker Kaagoj (meaning today’s newspaper), Bhorer Kaagoj (meaning early morning newspaper) and Glaani (The Disgrace). Besides these there are three other publications (1) Communal Persecution and Repression in BanglaDesh (2) Communal Discrimination in BanglaDesh: Facts and Documents (3) Parishad Baarta.

The information from these sources have been culled out by Taslima Nasrin and presented in Lajja (meaning shame) with the following statement to their authenticity in its Preface:

I have also included in the text numerous incidents, actual historical events, facts and statistics. I have verified those to the best of my ability; my sources of information include Aikota, Aajker Kaagoj, Bhorer Kaagoj and Glaani (The Disgrace), “Communal Persecution and Repression in BanglaDesh”, “Communal Discrimination in BanglaDesh: Facts and Documents”, and “Parishad Baarta”. Taslima Nasrin March 1994

Lajja has been published by Penguin Books in BhaaratVarsh.

I am ignoring the story, the fiction part of this book. I am also ignoring the views of Taslima Nasrin on the subject. I am reproducing only the documented facts which she has presented as quoted text. Those facts are the premise on which I am building up my theme.


My theme revolves around one single message. That is: These things have happened now because Qur’an and HadIs teach Muslims again and again, over and again, that they must destroy Hindus who worship idols and have not converted themselves into Islam. HadIs contain documentation of real life conducts of Prophet Muhammad which have become Law for the Muslims to follow in all ages. These things had happened in the past for the same reason that I have brought to your attention through my other works duly supported by documented evidences. These things will continue to happen in the future for the same reason as has happened in the past and as has been happening in the present times.

8 February 1979


Village Sabahaw ~ sub district Daoudkandhi ~ district Comilla ~ country BanglaDesh


~ at least four hundred Muslims from neighboring villages together attacked a group of Hindu sages who were living there
~ they had yelled as they swept down on the sages: The government has declared Islam as the national religion. So, if you wish to stay in a Islamic state you must become Muslims, and if you don’t then it will be best for you to leave this country
~ the holy men had looked on helplessly as their homes were looted and their temples were destroyed
~ many of them were captured and taken away and some hadn’t returned to this day
~ the women were brutally raped and tortured, and some of the people who were attacked never recovered completely


It was 8 December 1992 that is 13 years and 10 months later. People who had been captured and taken away had not returned yet. Women brutally raped and tortured had not recovered from the trauma yet. What would have been the intensity of brute torture?

You were not there. Your families were not there. If you had been there what would you have done? Rather, what could you have done?


Do you remember the role of BhaaratVarsh in getting BanglaDesh liberated from Pakistan? I do. Bhaaratiya Jawaans fought and gave their life to get them liberated. Most of these men from BhaaratVarsh were Hindus who shed their blood for liberation of BanglaDesh.

Before liberation Pakistani army Jawaans used to come to BanglaDesh and rape their women. At that time Punjaabi Muslims from West Pakistan raped Bengali Hindus and Bengali Muslims. For them West Pakistan owned East Pakistan. Therefore, East Pakistani women, whether Hindu or Muslim, were their property.

For liberation Bengali Hindus of East Pakistan shed their blood so that they could be liberated from the tortures of West Pakistani Muslims. They thought that after liberation all will be Bengali. So it will no more be a case Punjaabis raping Bengalis. Once the power comes to the hands of the Bengalis they will be free and safe. Were they?

What failed them? The utopian theory that first they are Bengali and then they are either Hindu or Muslim. They did not know that a Muslim is first a Muslim, and then anything else.

Anywhere in the world it is the same. They are first Muslim and then they are British or American or Canadian or Bhaaratiya or BanglaDeshi or Pakistani or Saudi or French or German.


Earlier days Muslims were more honest about admitting this openly. Now a days they fear harassment from American, British, French, Italians if they live in those countries. Therefore, they have learned the trick to say openly only what would be acceptable to the people of those countries because yet they are in substantial minority.

Remember the word ‘yet’. They are working hard at multiplying there as well so that they can gradually gain control. France has become wary of growing Islamization of France.

It is only in BhaaratVarsh that Muslims do not face the kind of harassment they started facing from the ChristianWorld. Hindus have long been put in a state of coma. ChristianBritish, ChristianizedHindus and Hindu preachers have made their respective contribution towards this. They have done it in their own respective ways. I have discussed those things in detail in two of my earlier works titled as Arise Arjun - Awaken my Hindu Nation and Do your History textbooks tell you these facts? You may want to refer to them about the role played by the ChristianBritish, their ChristianizedHindu stooges and the MarxistCommunist who wore the mask of a Secularist.


Let us return to the events of 8 February 1979. The holy men had looked on helplessly as their homes were looted and their temples were destroyed. What else could they have done? They are the holy men of Sanaatan Dharm Hinduism. Do they truly remember what Sanaatan Dharm practiced?

Let us go back into the history. I am starting here where I left in my earlier work titled These documented results of 4 Varn system can make you proud of your Hindu heritage. A repetition here may make this work more complete in itself for new readers but the number of pages will go up and my well wishers, who know it all, will keep writing to me why do you repeat things? They will repeat saying this to me until I give up.

Every man would not become a Sannyaasi (the renunciant). Those few who take to Sannyaas will do so during the last quarter of their life. Before that they would have gone through three more stages of life in each quarter of their life. This would have made them more of a complete man. A man who has experienced all facets of life. One who has understood the significance of each stage in life through personal experience. Such a person would have taught the society what all it needs.

His vision would not have been limited by real life experience as a Sannyaasi alone. He would not be teaching the masses based on what he heard or read or thought about those aspects of life which he himself did not live through.

He would have taught them based on what he had personally been through in life. He would never forget that the life itself is a battle ground of its own kind. He would not have run away from such a battle ground. Nor would he have been a meek spectator. He had not renounced life and he would have known the demands of life first hand.


With prince Siddhaarth of Kapil Vastu all that changed. He took a shortcut to the demands of life. He quit life half way through and became a Sannyaasi. There was novelty in his approach. It appealed to many. From his time Sannyaas became institutionalized. It no more remained a personal matter of an individual. With the followers of the shepherd Jesus of Nazareth the process gained further momentum. Institutionalization of Sannyaas became the norm. Today Hindu Sannyaasis are following their footprints by adopting institutionalized Sannyaas.

Sanaatan Dharm had a specific role for the Sannyaasi. His focus was tuned towards one object. He meddled not with the householders. Today the Sannyaasi has become the teacher and guide to the householder. It has become necessary for his living. If he does not gather a brigade of householder followers his institution will collapse.

Exceptions can be found in life almost every where. Exceptions can be found among institutionalized Sannyaasis too. But they are relatively few and far between. They are doing good work towards awakening the masses. They are silent workers because the time has not come yet for them to come out openly. They have to wait for a very dynamic leadership to emerge who can sway the masses.

The fire of Kshatriya spirit has to be kindled among the masses. No society is complete without well defined roles. Braahmans, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shoodrs all have their roles cut out for them. They all complement each other. Together they make a colossal mass which stands on its own.


Let us return to the events of 8 February 1979. They had yelled as they swept down on the sages, “the government has declared Islam as the national religion. So, if you wish to stay in a Islamic state you must become Muslims, and if you don’t then it will be best for you to leave this country”.

So you see the obligation of Bhaaratiya Hindus in getting them liberated was soon forgotten. It was not truly a matter of Punjaabi Bengali divide of West and East Pakistan. It was in essence the Muslim and nonMuslims divide. You become a Muslim and you are one of us. You do not become Muslim you are my enemy.

Are these my words? Oh, no! These are the words of Allah believe it or not. But how the words of Allah reached those Muslims? Well, it reaches them every day at least five times a day. Each Namaaz reminds them that Allah is the only true God, all else are false God. But then, what is the basis for such claim? Well, you do not have to go far, just look into the pages of Qur’an. It is repeated again and again all over Qur’an. So, what makes Qur’an the Allah’s word? Never raise that question again, for every Muslim in the world believes that. Every Muslim? Practically, yes! Exceptions can be found every where in life. Exceptions can be found among Muslims too. For instance, one Salman Rushdie or another Anwar Sheikh here or there but that does not change the world reality. How do I believe that Qur’an states so? Well, I have given dozens and dozens of quotes from Qur’an in my earlier work titled as Judaism Christianity Islam Secularism Hinduism. Just look up there, please! Your plate will be full. I urge you to buy a copy of Qur’an and read it for yourself so that you can believe your own eyes instead of my saying so.

Qur'an al’mumtahana 60:4 We renounce you (i.e., the idolaters): enmity and hate shall reign between us until you believe in Allah only


That is about the scriptures of Islam. Now let us look at how well this sentiment is expressed not only in the actions of the masses but also in the actions of the government of an Islamic state.

All those Hindu Bengalis who left BanglaDesh under threat to their life or after their family members had been raped and tortured or abducted ~ all their properties were declared by the government as Enemy Property. Why enemy property? Were they enemies to the nation? Did they not shed their blood as did Muslim Bengalis during the war for independence from West Pakistan? Why then enemy? The answer is plain and simple. They had not adopted Islam as their religion and therefore, they were enemy to the Islamic state of BanglaDesh.

It was nothing new that BanglaDesh did it to the Hindu Bengalis who left. West Pakistan had done the same thing when Hindu Punjaabis and Hindu Sindhis left West Pakistan for similar reasons.

Muslims in any part of the world consider Hindus as their enemy though Hindus quite foolishly would want to continue to believe that they are their brothers because he has been taught the big lie all through his life that all religions preach love and they all lead you to the same God. They do not tell you that other religion leads you to a God who loves to kill those who have not become a Muslim.


Muslims in BhaaratVarsh also think the same way but they do not reveal it because they are not yet in majority. They are working pretty hard to attain that majority by quickly multiplying their numbers by producing unlimited children. Recent census figures created a bit of hullabaloo when it revealed that percentage of Muslims have risen significantly and beyond proportion. Immediately lots of effort were made in media to condemn those numbers as wrong and soon the matter was hushed up.

Qur’an itself suggests that you should keep in hide and wait until you can pounce on your enemy from the back and catch him by surprise. That is what they are going to do to the Hindus when they have sufficiently risen in numbers.

Quran 9.123,29,5: Surely the worst beasts in God’s sight are the unbelievers. O ye who believe! Fight those of the unbelievers and let them find in you harshness. Humiliate the nonMuslims to such an extent that they surrender and pay tribute. Then, when the sacred months are drawn away, slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them and confine them, and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush [Source: N S Rajaram, A Hindu View of the World]


Muslims in Gulf countries will continue to tolerate Hindus only until they are dependent on their professional expertise. Once they are able to get sufficient number of Muslim equivalents they will get rid of the Hindus. In any case, they do not allow you to purchase any property there nor do they allow permanent resident status. For them, you are there for a predefined period. You get your remuneration and facilities as defined under a time bound contract and that is the end of their responsibility. As long you are useful to them as an employee you are welcome on their land and only up to that point. The moment your usefulness diminishes or their dependence on you is over you are out of their land.

Many of you think of USA, Australia and New Zealand as your potential home for the future. Well, it is an option provided you are ready to trade in exchange your children’s commitment towards your Hindu heritage and Sanaatan Dharm Hinduism. Like the well known new age Bobby Jindal has found his way up the ladder in US politics and administration after giving up his parents’ religion and adopting Christianity on the US soil, your children too will follow that course. So if you are ready to loose the identity (in terms of their connection with their roots) of your children and their children and of all future generations to come within your family tree then, of course, you can gladly adopt one of the countries of the ChristianWorld as your land.

Many of you may not be aware, as I was not, that in US there are discriminatory laws against the Hindus. I have provided details in my earlier work Christianity in a different Light - Face behind the Mask.

As for other countries in the ChristianWorld situation may not be that very comfortable. There is a recent case which was reported in The Star of 19 July 2005. The 15 year old Sunali Pillay of Grade 11 at Durban Girls’ High was threatened expulsion from the school by the principal because she wore a ring in her nose as per Hindu custom (she was asked to go and join some Hindu school) whereas in the same school plenty of other Christian girls wearing nose rings, belly button (navel) rings and tongue rings were well patronized. This happened to Sunali Pillay and it came to public knowledge because the girl took her school to the court. Who knows how many similar cases do not become public knowledge because the victims do not challenge head on. They (and their parents) want peace and harmony and therefore, they accept which would have been unacceptable otherwise. If you wish to verify for yourself whether it happened to Sunali Pillay or not, you can visit the on-line edition of The Star


Why the Jews fought so hard to protect Israel? The reason was plain and simple. It was the only piece of land on this earth which they could say as their own. They may be living in the US but they do not perceive US as their home land because it is not their home land. They may be very wealthy in the US, they may be very powerful in the US administration and media, yet they look up to their home land Israel.

For a Hindu of BanglaDesh it was a bit different. The land of BanglaDesh is not a foreign land to them as is US to the Jews. It is the land of their ancestors. As long as they can trace their forefathers they find them having been born, live and die on that land. BanglaDesh was an integral part of Akhand (unbroken) BhaaratVarsh. The cunning, the ChristianBritish may have given that piece of land a different name but that did not change the true character of their native land.

Think of what would have happened to their heart when it was broken into pieces as they were compelled to leave their home land under duress. And that is exactly going to happen to you when Muslims on this land which you call BhaaratVarsh today will grow in sufficient numbers. First thing they will do is to declare it an Islamic state. Then the women in your family will be raped in front of your eyes and tortured, your children will be abducted, your young daughters will never be returned for they will be kept until they grow enough to satisfy their lust.

The only difference that you will find between the Hindus of BanglaDesh and yourself is that you will not have another place to go. Hindus of BanglaDesh fled that environment and came to BhaaratVarsh because it was not yet an Islamic state. Where will you go when BhaaratVarsh also turns an Islamic state?

It is not only that the Muslims of BhaaratVarsh are multiplying rapidly but now every day Muslims from BanglaDesh are coming to BhaaratVarsh. They are spreading every where throughout this land of Khandit (broken into pieces) BhaaratVarsh. And there they will multiply and finally eliminate the Hindus. What has happened in Kerala, the Malabar in particular? What has happened in Kashmir and what is happening in West Bengal?

The time will not wait for you to wake up. The time will keep slipping off your hand. You will not even know when it is no more within your power to do anything at all to reverse the situation.

Just put yourself some thousand years’ back when there was not a single Muslim on this Hindu land of BhaaratVarsh. And look around yourself today. You will not find that Hindu BhaaratVarsh anywhere within your sight. It has been lost forever, unless there is yet another MahaaBhaarat for protection of harm and elimination of adharm'. At one time in the past you gave them the shelter and treated them as your guest and the time is approaching when you have to look for that shelter and no one will treat you as the welcome guest as you did to them once upon a time (details in my other works).

To save your skin ultimately you will get that shelter by trading your identity as a Hindu. So be prepared for what is coming.


Sanaatan Dharm had not given Sannyaasi the coveted position of the teacher in Hindu society. Prince Siddhaarth of KapilVastu, a Kshatriya by birth, became a Sannyaasi. He ran away from the demands of life in search of enlightenment.

One who renounces the demands of life can only teach the society to look inwardly and crush the evils inside within one self. It is most natural that we teach what we know well. So they did what they knew best. We cannot find fault with that natural process. At the same time we must be prepared to admit it as being part of their very nature.

If the Sannyaasi has taken upon himself the responsibility to crush his own ego so that he can submerge himself into the existence of the Supreme One then he has got to think in those terms all the while.

There is something you must be clear in your life. That is: there is no point entrusting one the job that he is not equipped to do. This is the very reason the ancient sages of BhaaratVarsh did not give them the job to assume the position of teachers and guides to the society.

They entrusted the Braahman with the job of teaching and guiding the society. The Braahman was part of the society and yet he was out of it. He lived within the society and yet he looked at it as an onlooker. He understood the needs of the society as an observer and guided the rest by remaining within the society as part of the society. To understand his role better you may also want to read the other title Do your history textbooks tell you these facts? It will tell you how proficiently they did this job for millenniums. And to support that you will find there plenty of documented evidence.

The Braahmans understood well the need of KshaatrDharm. They trained Kshatriyas well to perform their job. Remember that a Braahman DronAachaarya was the guru of Kshatriya Arjun and another Braahman Vashishth was the guru of Kshatriya Shri Raam.

Braahmans had a wholesome approach to the society. They were trained generations after generations to teach and guide the society through the ages. Today the Braahman has been reduced to a priest and he receives no proper training for his job. Why has that happened? I have discussed this from different angles in my other works.

Barbarians who invaded BhaaratVarsh in the name of Islam and in the name of Allah, they ensured one thing everywhere. That was to slaughter Braahmans, and also humiliate them in every possible way. You have seen glimpses of these acts in my earlier works. Somehow you have become so very impotent (mentally) that nothing of this disturbs you. Thanks to our Sannyaasis and spiritual gurus taking you through a merry go round towards Moksh. They call it an inward journey.

What the barbarians of Islam could not achieve through slaughter over a longer period, the so-called gentlemen of Christianity achieved that with relative ease within much shorter time frame. They proved that cunningness and deception can do wonders that swords and open hatred cannot.

Christian missionaries had well understood the inherent strength of Hindu society in which Braahman played the pivotal role. So they targeted Braahmans in various ways.

You would have read in my other works about inhumane physical torture through Goa Inquisition. You may have also read in those works about conspiracies around St Thomas.

Maligning the image of ManuSmriti and Braahmans, isolating them from the rest of the society by inculcating distrust towards them using Christian Missionary run English education system, and various other conspiracies were part of total game plan which were designed to divide and break apart the Hindu society.

ChristianBritish administration and ChristianBritish intellectuals not only supported the process but gave their respective contributions towards the whole game. In my works on history and Christianity I have dealt with many issues about which Hindus have been kept in dark totally.

Few weeks later ~ 27 March 1979


Village Abirdia ~ sub district Shibpur ~ district Narshindi ~ country BanglaDesh


~ On 27 March 1979 Anima Sengupta made a written compliant to the Narshindi Police Superintendent that she was being harassed by some people; the neighbors were too scared to say anything against the accused. Anima was taken into police custody and was tortured for four days before she was released.


~ Nripendr Kumar Sengupta and his wife Anima Sengupta were locked up in a Muslim advocate’s house, while they were cheated of 8.75 Bighaas of land. The property was registered in another Muslim’s name.


We spoke about enemy property in the last episode. That was after the Hindus left BanglaDesh after loot, rape and torture. Here they did not wait till their departure. They organized the loot in an Islamic civilized manner by keeping the family locked up in the house of a Muslim advocate who was supposed to do the things the legal way. While they waited helplessly in lock up the advocate arranged the transfer of the property in the name of his Muslim client.

At times women are more determined than men. Anima the wife went to the Police Superintendent to seek justice. After all who else to turn to, if not to police, in such a situation. They are the one who maintain Law and Order when those educated in Law like the Advocate rape the Law. Men sometimes see the futility of effort in the given situation and restrain themselves from pursuing it further. But when the Shakti in the woman is aroused no man can be match for her tenacity.

The problem is that if you are among Asurs you need Shakti enough like that of Ma Durga. But a mortal Anima Sengupta did not possess that power. And she went to Sardaar of Asurs the Muslim Police Superintendent to seek justice. In return she got what alone one can expect of an Asur. That is another lock up added by further torture.

Two months later ~ 27 May 1979


Village Baulakandha ~ sub district Kaukhali ~ district Pirozepur ~ country BanglaDesh


~ About ten or twelve armed Muslims attacked the home of the Haaldaars.
~ They demolished the house, destroyed the temple
~ They chanted that all Hindus should be killed and all temples should be broken up and converted into mosques.
~ They left with the warning that all Hindus should leave the country immediately.


When BanglaDesh was liberated it was declared as a Secular state where all religions will have equal rights. Then Sheikh Mujibur Rehman was assassinated and someone else took the reign. It always happens in Muslim dominated societies. Their hunger for power and sex is insatiable. They draw their inspiration from Prophet Muhammad whose urge for power and sex was unmatched if you happen to read his biographies. And for these two qualities he is respected. Therefore it is natural that everyone down the line is eager to copy him. After all, his acts were documented in HadIs and became Sunna, the Islamic Law to be practiced till eternity. For details please see my other works.

So you see that it does not take very long to convert a Secular state into an Islamic state if you have majority population of the Muslims. Even when they stand at the brink of majority, not yet having attained majority but quite close to it, they do not take long to turn it into a majority by use of conversion through violence or duress.


BhaaratVarsh is currently a Secular state. But if you observe closely the politicians, the government administrators, the Marxist intelligentsia, the Communist state governments, the Christian state governments (like in the Northeast), and English educated ChristianizedHindus who think that they are intellectually inclined and often include men and women of the media and the judiciary, one particular type of attitudinal problem will become very apparent to you. It is: anti-Hindu attitude and the attitude of looking down upon Hinduism.

Therefore, the Secular claim is only on paper not in practice. Hindu is taxed for each dip that he takes in the holy waters during Kumbh Mela. But the same taxed money is doled out to Muslims as subsidy for Hazz to Mecca every year. Hindus make offerings at their bigger temples not knowing that (a) the administration is in the hands of government appointed anti-Hindus (b) funds are regularly diverted to construction of Mosques and Churches leaving smaller temples in dilapidated condition starving for funds much needed from their renovation. I have given some figures in my other works (Christianity in a different Light - Face behind the Mask) culled out of state government treasury records and wish to avoid repetition here because some readers do not like it. Therefore, new readers are requested to look up to those other works. Personally I prefer to give all relevant evidence every time a topic crops up to make that work complete in that respect but now I have to avoid it.

Do not remain under the mistaken belief that BhaaratVarsh will remain a Secular state till eternity even if you sleep and remain indifferent towards what is happening around you and keep focused internally praying to God for your personal Moksh. At best you will stall the problem to be faced by your next generation. And they will be your children and grandchildren who will eventually pay for it.


You make choices today and the effect is felt much later. It is most natural. Nothing changes overnight. Neither your awareness nor your hitting the roof will reverse the process immediately. Neither your turning a blind eye towards the problem will stall the process indefinitely. What you need is awareness and vigilance.

Aim for Protection of Dharm is the necessity of today. Aasuric religions, the carnivorous religions are eating away into Sanaatan Dharm. They are systematically swallowing up Sanaatan Dharm Hinduism.

I would not be writing with such conviction if I were not convinced myself that the only major religion that deserves my respect is Sanaatan Dharm Hinduism. I say so because now I have acquired an insight into other major religions and how they shaped history through the ages. I do not separate religion from history because I know it that they cannot be treated in isolation. There is an unique interdependence between the two which I have demonstrated with ample evidence in my earlier works.


Northeastern states have already become Christian states and they are one by one coming up with demands for sovereignty and separation from the Union of BhaaratVarsh. You do not think of these things consciously because ChristianizedEnglish language media and their vernacular holds keep underplaying these issues.

You will find detailed study on those issues with statistical changes over the years in That Unknown Face of Christianity.

Kashmir is a known problem. The problem in Kerala is brewing. The process had been on for quite some time there, ever since Moplah rebellion the story of which is carefully hidden due to Gandhi connection [see Arise Arjun ~ awaken my Hindu nation]. Hyderabad has its own issues. There are many pockets all around the country where Muslim population is growing. Uttar Pradesh and Bihaar are the gone cases. West Bengal following the footprints rapidly due to Muslim migration from BanglaDesh. Communist government is supporting them for vote bank. There are plenty of traitors around, thanks to this stupid system of parliamentary democracy borrowed from a tiny nation like England and applying it to a massive nation like BhaaratVarsh totally disregarding the unique cultural differences between the two nations. It is the gift of ChristianizedHindus raised by ChristianEnglish education system of T B Macaulay predominantly manned by Christian Missionaries who had a mission to convert the mind and the heart of Hindu children. As one of them had said:

May be we will not be able to convert your children into Christianity but by the time we are through with them they will no more be Hindus.

And that is precisely what has happened over the century.


So the point that I am trying to drive home is: do not remain complacent about the fact that today we are in Hindu majority. My reason is: a Hindu is not necessarily a Hindu but a Muslim is essentially a Muslim. You want to know why do I say that a Hindu is not necessarily a Hindu? It is because the Census data is deceptive.

Just visualize what happens in the following situation. Census man comes to your door. He takes the details of your family members. That far it is okay. Now the question of religion. How does he record the religion of a Communist? Communism is not recognized as a religion. People think, mistakenly though, that is a branch of political ideology. Why do I say mistakenly though? Well, that I have described in sufficient detail in my earlier work Judaism Christianity Islam Secularism Hinduism and I need not repeat it here.

Returning to the base question. How does the census man categorize the Communist? In the house the father is Communist, grown up children are Communist, mother is Hindu, small children who do not understand the difference could be future Hindu or future Communist.

Now, why does this question arise: whether they are Hindu or Communist? Is it of any relevance? Yes, it is and that too is of major relevance. Please understand one thing very clearly. A Communist does not believe in God. He hates idol worship. When he goes to see Durga Puja, he does not do so out of his respect for Ma Durga. He goes there to socialize. He calls it a cultural event. He does not perceive it as worship of Ma Durga.

A Communist is not only an Atheist who does not believe in God but more than that he is an anti-Hindu. If he has to choose between a Hindu and a Muslim he would prefer to support the Muslim. This is not theory. Just check up their conducts through the history and that of current events. You need the penetrating eye to see it. What you read in ChristianizedEnglish media or Communist regional media will not tell you the story clearly enough.

Now return to the Census man at your door step. Suppose you are a Marxist? Now these words may be very confusing? You may ask what the difference between a Communist and a Marxist is. Never mind that distinction at this juncture. Just take a note of the fact that some people do not like to call themselves a Communist but take adequate pride in saying that I am a Marxist. So where does that Census man put me, the Marxist, when I was born in a Hindu family, and that too in a Braahman family, and my name may sound something like Raam Sharan implying one who has taken shelter in Bhagavaan Shri Raam?

Then think of a guy who does not want to call him a Communist, a Marxist but boldly announces himself to be a Leftist and simultaneously claims he is not a Hindu though he carries a family name that is of a Hindu Braahman (when I give this example I have a renowned author in mind). Where will the census man put him in his list ~ among Hindus or Muslims or Christians or Parsis or Sikhs or Jains or what?

Then come to a guy who claims himself to be an Atheist (who does not believe in God) or an Agnostic (who believes that nothing is known about God or can be known about God) or of some such other brand. Now none of these brands can be categorized as a Hindu. What will a Census man do? Has he been given a proper category for these characters? Do they get classified as Hindu if they were born in a Hindu family or of an atheist family with Hindu ancestry?


So the point is that the 80 per cent population of this country is that of Hindus can be a very deceptive impression. My first lesson in Statistics was that there are three kind of lies ~ lies, damn lies and statistics.

Now of course, North Americans have expanded this by stating: there are four kinds of lies ~ lies, damn lies, statistics and men's’ resumes! Before I heard this on the Air I had already seen ample of evidence of this. The first thing that you are told in Canada when you land there and start looking for a job is that go to a professional resume writer. I adamantly refused to do so but in time I did find out how the professionals work at it. They tell you what to suppress and what to blow up.

Many years later when I worked on my second title relating to Ayodhya imbroglio, in course of my research I found how professional historians of Marxist tent work. I had already known how professional lawyers work. And, I also had quite an insiders’ impression of how professionals of ChristianWorld, in a fairly wide variety of disciplines, work. It is very simple as Linda Goodman says: Aquarians have an antenna at back of their head positioned to be absorbing what goes on behind if they decide to tune in. I would want to add that it keeps absorbing whether tuned in or not, and keeps filing it away somewhere inside the CPU (central processing unit) of brain just in case, it becomes necessary some day later.

Any how, I came to one basic conclusion that professional are trained liars who can make the white look like black and black look like white. That is where their main expertise lies. And, it is not the sole domain of the salesmen but of almost all varieties professionals depending on how they define their own ethical standards. By own ethical standards I refer to the individuals. For them truth is not truth but truth is what they define as truth. And that definition depends on how much wealth or power or fame individual desires to acquire.

You find me moving away from the main issue and coming back to it again and again. Some readers do not approve of it whereas those who like it they seem to love it. This is what I learned over time. I keep shunting between this kind of writing and matter of fact type writing. Some works please one category of readers and the other titles please the other type of readers. My writing, however, depends not on whom I wish to please but on how my thoughts flow.


So let us make a come back to the base issue. Please do not remain under the mistaken belief that we are still in vast majority something like 80 percent. First of all we are not 80 per cent and we simply do not know what is the true percentage of true Hindus. To me true Hindus are those who feel in their heart that they are Hindu, and who can say with pride that we are Hindu, and who do not feel the need to put on the mask and begin to look like a secular. When I say secular I refer to that deceptive word which is termed as Secular by the media of our country.

It should be sufficient to point out how little political parties care for so-called Hindu votes and how they clamor for Muslim votes. From this you need to realize that so-called Hindu vote is a misnomer. Hindu vote bank is a nonentity, it has no decisive impact on the electorate. So how can you think that we Hindus are in majority and there is no seemingly threat to our existence and rights.

Let us come to think of it how much of our rights are protected by Law of the land that is BhaaratVarsh. Start counting and you will find that practically every significant law is anti-Hindu, and pro-Muslim or pro-Christian. So on what basis do you feel complacent?


Are you happy just because you hear all those Hindu sounding names all around you? Well, in Canada plenty of people have Christian sounding names but many of them are from Buddhist world or from Communist world. They carry on their shoulders a Christian sounding name because they know that they live in a ChristianWorld and they do not want to be discriminated based on their name in the resume. First generation Hindus or Muslims may not change their names but second generation onwards you start finding names like Sean or Shawn or Ken or so. Even first generation Hindus, over a period, switch to similar names but far less than Chinese who often seem to change it pretty early.

So the point is never get deceived by the name you hear. Plenty of Hindus sounding first names are not Hindu. Even many Hindu sounding family names also are not Hindu. You want examples, I can fill the page. You too can do it if you become vigilant. But doing that is not important. Being aware of the impending threat under guise is important. I explain the thing in different ways so that you have a wholesome idea and it settles down on your psyche. It is particularly important for those who have not been consciously aware of the problem. But then it irritates very few who carry the attitude "I know it already". These are the people who have been in this game for long. But then I am not writing to educate them. I am writing for those who are unaware. I know that there is a fairly large number of such people who are unaware. I know that because I have been one of them.


Returning to the base issue I wish emphasize that please do not be complacent about the term Sanaatan, which means eternal. There is no point being complacent about its eternal nature. You may want to think that it has been always there and it will always be there. You have been reading from your childhood that the truth is always victorious in the end. Please do not rest your hopes on the thought that truth is on the side of Sanaatan Dharm and therefore, it will be victorious in the end.

Yes, it will be and I have no doubt about that. But after paying what kind of price if you do not take adequate steps in time to protect it? The process will then be devastating and plenty of sacrifices will have been made before that final victory is attained. If you sleep today your children will pay for it. If your children too sleep then their children will pay for it. So why not wake up now. If you have initiated the process of self defence your children will only give it further impetus. And by the time their children arrive it would have gained necessary momentum. This is how the process will continue.

Nothing is achieved overnight. Aasuric forces also did not win that easily. Please disregard all that your educators and guides have filled in your head as to how divided your forefathers were, or how careless they had been, and how they have brought down the Hindu society to this stage that you are today. Take my word all that was lie. They spread the big lie to make you lose any pride that you may have had in your heritage. Every such tool for brainwashing was targeted towards turning you more and more impotent, mentally.

Plenty of people who went through that process later became educators and guides and continued to spread that lie innocently believing it to be true. I have come across writings of such people who have been shooting their big mouths without bothering to study the history of unmatched bravery through uncountable episode involving Aasuric invasions during past hundreds of years. These people who have continued parroting that borrowed lie, their central theme has always been: we Hindus ourselves have been responsible for the state we are in today.

Among these characters who have been spreading that concept, there are few who add the prefix Swami in front of their names with pride. They do not realize that they are simply playing pawns in the hands of those who initiated this conspiracy long before. Destroy the morale of the Hindus was their sole objective. They imposed their education system and brainwashed Hindus generation after generation. Today’s 'seemingly Hindu lovers' are only strengthening the same process.

All that these people have done is that they have read the accounts given by the Christian and MarxistCommunist writers who have deliberately presented distorted versions of Hindu history. Marxist arrived much later on the scene. Christians were doing it for hundred years before Marxists of JNU and AMU got into play. But white skin has dazzled the eyes of these self-loathing brown skin educators who are themselves guided by their firm belief in the honesty and integrity of the ChristianBritish.


None of these people have learned one basic lesson from history. That is: no race can ever raise its head until it has pride in its heritage. They should go to places like Rajasthan and read the indigenous history books if they can find them today. I have spent a part of my childhood there, and I had hungrily read the history of my ancestors, and now after a passage of time it all comes back to me, and all that I can think of is that I have nothing but pride for them. For once they should start trusting their own historians before giving undue credence to the ChristianBritish.

I remember having read an article by one very senior and respected swami in a magazine which aims at bringing a renaissance among the Hindus. The swami writes there that Hindus give up their religion like they change their clothes. He comfortably avoids mentioning that his own organization itself has done that years ago. It had claimed that it was not Hindu organization by petitioning the high court.

He writes full two page article showing the faults that have brought the Hindus down to this stage. I understand that his intentions were good and he felt for the Hindus. But in effect what did he do? He simply pulled down Hindu morale further and made him feel that the Hindu is a useless fellow. He compounded the guilt-feel in the Hindu further. That is what the ChristianBritish had been doing for hundred and twelve years (1835-1947), and after independence the CommunistMarxists carried on their legacy, and now our swamis doing that in the name of bringing renaissance.

There is yet another swami who begins his write-up in the same journal stating that a cursory glance at history will show that Hindus were always divided. Any reader will readily agree with him because every reader has read the same thing in his textbooks. Thus only a cursory glance would suffice to arrive at the foregone conclusion about Hindu weakness. And each character who has a voice in the public would go on cementing that believe without any further question.

These people always manage to do one thing pretty well: they point the finger at the Hindu. They never say who among the Hindus. Probably they have no guts to point finger at the big guns. So they always speak of the Hindu, meaning the average Hindu, the common Hindu. That is the easiest thing to do. No one will ever take offence. And the average Hindu takes their word as the word coming from the wise. Common Hindu thinks of them as well read and the Vidwaan. They perceive that these are the people who carry loads (or overloads?) of wisdom on their head. I am not sure which part of their wisdom they share with the average Hindu but undoubtedly they 'give an appearance' of being big time Hindu lovers themselves.

Every wise guy seems to find fault with the Hindu. He carefully avoids mentioning which category of people among the Hindus. He wants to play safe. He does not want to point finger at the culprit even if he knows. Quite often he knows not. He hears some other wise guy blaming the Hindus for inaction, for apathy, for unawareness. He also joins the bandwagon. He promptly does the parroting act. He repeats what he heard or read from the other guy. Cycle goes on and every wise guy who appears to be an intellectual or reformer or whatever keeps repeating the same.


Today’s newspaper [DNA, Mumbai, 8 Aug 2005, p 1, What’s News, World] reports: The British government plans to bring 150 independent Islamic schools under its supervision.

This all happened after only two bomb blasts in England. I specifically mention only few bomb blast and only few people were killed. My emphasis is on only few. And there is so much concern 'every one' expresses.

Where were those 'every one' when day after day, month after month, year after year, thousands after thousands of Hindus were killed by the Muslims? The Hindus were killed every where. They were killed in Pakistan, they were killed in BanglaDesh, they were killed in Kashmir, they were killed in Kerala, they were killed every where. They were killed by bombs, they were killed by guns, they were killed by daggers.

Where were those champions of human rights, where were those lovers of justice, where were those slogan mongers for equality of all religions? Where were all they? Why were they so very silent? What had happened to their vocal cord that would otherwise be audible on every platform? What happened to their powerful pens that would otherwise fill pages after pages in every form of print media?

Are all those "justice, human rights, equality and all that none sense" only for the select class of people? Who are those who belong to that select class?


Today Hindu of BhaaratVarsh is a disarmed Hindu. He does not react until things go beyond limits of toleration. And then, if at all he raises his head in a volcanic eruption, everyone concerned makes it sure that enough pressure is built from each corner, and that pressure is continued in a frequently repetitive manner, until that straightened head turns into a drooping one, once again.

He has been trained over the years to perceive BhagavadGeeta as a message of Tyaag (renunciation). And every day morning on television he listens to preachers, who compete with each other, how best to tell Hindu to improve his inner self. Hindu has been robbed of Kshatriya spirit totally. He has been made a eunuch.

He has been made to forget that there is something called self-respect. He has been taught to forget and forgive. He has been coaxed to live in a castle of sand. He has been made to forget that such a castle can collapse any time.


I had written these months ago and then drifted away to other works. I had thought that I would publish it only when I get to complete it. But now it seems I may not get to work at it for quite some time unless I have very strong reasons for a come back to this subject. Therefore, I decided to publish it now though lot more has to be said, lot more evidence has to be presented.


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