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Book #49 - ISBN 978-81-89746-49-0
RKM Propagating the Opposite of What Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Had Said —
Call to the Rank and File at RKM ! Stand Up and Uphold the Truth

USD 2.99
Book #06s - ISBN 978-81-89990-06-0
Save Humanity —
One Religion that Built Humanity, Others that Destroyed it

USD 2.99
Book #48 - ISBN 978-81-89746-48-3
Know the Truth Behind Vasudhaiv’ Kutumbakam —
The Opposite of Which Is Being Propagated

75 ¢  (seventy five cents)
Book #25 - ISBN 978-81-89746-25-4
Religions That Teach Hatred and Enmity
25 ¢  (twenty five cents)

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