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Saturday, 03 Aug 2013

Explanatory notes

This tells us how soon Pingdom Monitoring System was able to access the Home page of this site. As your location may be different from that of Pingdom servers, there may be slight variation. Please treat these times as indicative. My site is hosted (resident) at server located at Noida (near Delhi, India). Pingdom tests are conducted from servers located at (a) Amsterdam, Netherlands (b) Dallas, Texas, USA (c) New York City, New York, USA. Your location can be something else. These variable can cause slight variation referred to above.

You will notice a big number shown in the report. Please remember it is in mili-seconds. This means you have to divide the number by thousand to arrive at a number that makes sense. For instance, 1453 ms = 1453 / 1000 = 1.453 = 1.5 (one & half) second. This represents average for the month July 2013.

Report also shows Uptime 99.53% which means site was up for 99.5% of the time and down for 0.5% of the time. In other words, site was accessible for 99.5% of the time during the month July 2013 and inaccessible for half percent of the time. The report also shows downtime by date and duration during the month. This could be helpful if you wish to cross-check the facts.

If your experience is any different, you may kindly inform me with all relevant details necessary for verification with Pingdom.


2013-08 site access time | 2013-08 site downtime by date and duration (see Notes area below)
2013-07 site access time | 2013-07 site downtime by date and duration
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Website unreachable
2013-08-07-hr-21:38+05:30 CloudFlare Error 520 Report 

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